The Fastest Theme for Moodle Ever

Edwiser RemUI v3.7.5: The Fastest Theme for Moodle Ever

Slow-loading websites are a curse. They affect the learning experience, add to user frustration, and negatively impact your search rankings. 

There could be several reasons for a sluggish Moodle website. But the one obvious change you could make is to use a high-performing theme.

Edwiser RemUI Made Lightning Fast

Time and again, we’ve been wanting to make Edwiser RemUI the most comprehensive theme for Moodle out there. Our every update is a step towards the same. But this new version is a special one because it conquers a big demon that’s been plaguing the Moodle community.

The latest lightweight Edwiser RemUI version has been built for speed – it’s a super-fast theme for Moodle that can instantly improve your website’s performance by a minimum of 20%. And we have the data to prove it.

Edwiser RemUI v3.7.5 vs Edwiser RemUI (Older Version)

“Charity begins at home”

We first started by analyzing the current problems with Edwiser RemUI and how we could make improvements. Once we figured certain things to be changed, the current version emerged.

Upon comparing the two versions we found:


We were able to directly cause a 20% increase in page load performance by simply reducing stylesheet files by refactoring the code and reducing dependencies.

Edwiser RemUI vs Leading Themes for Moodle

Surely, we couldn’t simply stop comparing Edwiser RemUI with the previous version. We had to compare it with popular themes in Moodle to prove its worth.

We pitted Edwiser RemUI against:

  • Fordson
  • Adaptable
  • Moove
  • Maker

The results are listed below.


The latest version of Edwiser RemUI turned out to be the fastest of the lot, taking less than a second to start loading.

Other Changes

We’ve also included some under the hood changes for butter-smooth interaction. All of these changes might just make this version the most supreme Moodle experience ever!

A Giant Leap Towards Better User Experience

In an attempt to make the e-learning space a bit better, we’ve come out with a radical new version of the ever-so-popular Edwiser RemUI theme.

Edwiser RemUI light packs solid performance improvements and is, in fact, light in weight.

If you want your users to get the best experience on your Moodle website, check out the latest Edwiser RemUI and upgrade to it, right away. We guarantee you’ll fall in love with the theme. 🙂

P.S. – This update is available only for Moodle v3.7. Kindly go through the instructions before upgrading the theme.

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