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Edwiser Course Format Has Gotten Bigger and Better with v1.0.3

We’re excited. Every new update does this to us. Because we’re happy we’re giving you something better. 🙂

Although the Edwiser Course Formats plugin was conceived as an extension to Edwiser RemUI – it has grown on its own merit. Today, it’s a sought-after extension for Moodle, helping more than 3k users add modern and engaging course format types to their LMS.

Edwiser Course Format v1.0.3

With the latest update of Edwiser Course Formats, we’ve made sure to include the most requested features. We’ve also ensured that both the Card and List formats are uniform and contain the best of functionality.

Improvements in Card Format

#1 Background images for Sections

We all know that images work great to engage students and improve the overall appeal of the course material. With this update of the plugin, we’ve given you an option to add a background image to sections in the Card Format. 

There are two options available here when choosing an image to display: Dark Mode and Light Mode. As the names suggest you can either display a darker or lighter version of the image you upload. 

These images have to be uploaded as part of the Section description in order to be displayed.

#2 Quick option to move Activity to a different Section

The List format had an option to drag an Activity from one Section to another. We’ve added the same option for the Card Layout, except that there isn’t a drag option. You can use a setting provided to move the activity from within a Section to another one.

#3 Course progress bar and total Activity Count display

The Card Layout was missing course details. But that’s been made up for now. In this version, the total number of Activities and a Course Progress bar is shown for each course in the Card Layout.

#4 Better display of Activities in the General Section

Instead of overwhelming the reader with all the Activities in the General Section, a limited number of Activities are shown – depending on the screen size. This makes for a cleaner, reader-friendly look.

#5 Resume option

To keep the learning momentum going when using the Card Layout, we’ve added a “Resume” option to let students seamlessly pick up the course from where they left off. With this option, a student can directly jump to the last viewed Activity and continue learning.

Improvements in List Format

#1 Option to add a section in between two sections

The Card Layout saved course editors a ton of effort by providing an option to insert a Section in between others. This same functionality has been now provided when using the List Layout making things simple when using this format too.

#2 Styling improvements

The List Layout has been made more sharper, especially minor details such as the progress bar has been updated to give your LMS a modern look. 

Time to Upgrade

If you’re using an older version of the Edwiser Course Formats plugin, you’re missing out on these cool benefits. It’s the best time ever to upgrade to v1.0.3 and take advantage of all the features it has to offer.

Head on to the product page and download the latest version. Let us know your thoughts about it in the comments section below!

8 thoughts on “Edwiser Course Format Has Gotten Bigger and Better with v1.0.3”

  1. Avatar of Antoine Buyssechaert
    Antoine Buyssechaert

    I have some issues :
    In card format, i can’t click on “add an activity”. It s Ok with the list format, but no way with card format
    Thanks for your reply

  2. Avatar of Sergio Ubeda

    Hi! great update!
    But In Card Format I didn’t find the option to move an Activity to another Section.
    Where is that option?

    1. Avatar of Rajiv Sathian


      When we go to a section (after clicking on the “Turn Editing On” button) you will see all the activities that are present inside that particular section.
      Under each activity, there is a drop-down with the title “Move To” out here we have listed all the sections (except the current one) that are part of that course and they could be then moved to another section of your choice within the course.

      Do give this a try and it should work fine.


    1. Avatar of Rajiv Sathian


      Follow these steps to reach the “Lang” folder, Open “remuiformat” folder > Click on “lang” folder > Inside lang folder you will find a file named “en”

      This file contains all the strings that are part of the Edwiser Course Formats plugin, you can translate these strings to your language of choice and later save this new file in the same “lang” folder with respective language code as file name.
      Example – Suppose you translate the file to “Spanish” then the language code will be “es”

      Do give this a try and share your experience here with everyone.

      Rajiv Sathian

    1. Avatar of Rajiv Sathian


      Glad to know that you liked our new update of the Edwiser Course Format plugin.

      Yes, we have provided an image upload feature as part of the plugin settings, you could use this to change that image.
      Simply follow these steps to reach that setting and get it done.

      Go to Courses > Click on any course that has the “Card Course Format” enabled > Click on the “Gear Icon” and Hit on “Edit Settings” > Go to “Course Format” section under edit settings > It has a “Course Image” setting, upload the image of your choice here and “Save Changes”

      This will change the course image that’s part of the Card Layout.

      Do give this a try and share your experience with everyone.

      Rajiv Sathian

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