Edwiser Bridge Updates to Version 1.3.2

‘Who said free commodities are not valuable?

In fact, they are priceless!

Edwiser Bridge is one of such commodities. It is, in literal terms, a “bridge” between the ruling Open Source giants- Moodle and WordPress. Edwiser Bridge makes the migration, management and full fledged usability of data between a CMS and and LMS, possible.

When you turn the never-before-possible to reality, you have a priceless product in hand. And that is Edwiser Bridge for you.

We are excited to bring to you- the savviest Edwiser Bridge update till date!


Saving no time, let’s head to the new features.

#1 Refund functionality for orders placed using Edwiser Bridge

Now you can give refunds to your students or clients from Orders section under Edwiser Bridge.

  • As an admin, you can make sure that people other than yourself are also notified whenever a refund is initiated.
  • The student or client will be notified by email about this action.
  • Guess what, admins can customise the email template that goes out to clients for a refund.
  • In the field “Refund amount”, fill the exact amount to be paid back.
  • In the field “Reason for Refund”, you can mention the reason that you are providing the refund for.

Order Refund

#2 Settings for Refund Notifications

The update allows you to set whom to send payment refund notifications. These settings are added in Edwiser Bridge > General Settings.

  • There’s a tick box to choose whether you (as the admin) have to be notified every time a refund is initiated.
  • A second field lets you enter email addresses manually.

Edwiser Bridge Refund Notification

#3 Improved User Account Page

We have improved the user account page and now your buyers will get all the purchase & course-related information at one place.

  • With the improved page, its super-easy to update your profile and change account passwords.
  • The passwords updated here will reflect on both WordPress and Moodle sites.

improved user account page

#4 Enhanced Security

Now operate tension-free with Edwiser Bridge!

  • For an extra touch of security, we have added password confirmation fields on the User Account page.

Edwiser Bridge security

#5 New ‘Meta’ box on the Edwiser Bridge Order page

A meta box has been added to the Edwiser Bridge Orders page.

  • The new meta box displays the order status update history.
  • It shows details and notifications like order placed, IPN notifications of PayPal, refund status, etc.

Order status history

#6 New Order Status “Refunded”

Check out the new order status that we have defined!

  • Previously there were only three options for order status on order edit page as: ‘Pending’, ‘Failed’ and ‘Completed’.
  • A new option – ‘Refunded’ has been added to show whether your amount has been successfully refunded.
  • As soon as the order amount is fully refunded, the status automatically changes from ‘Completed’ to ‘Refunded’.
  • This will be visible to any user after logging in.
  • Visit your User Account page – head to ‘Orders’ – view ‘Purchase History’.

order status

#7 Two New Email Templates for the Admin

In the ‘Manage Email Templates’ page, we added two new templates keeping in mind the refund feature of Edwiser Bridge 1.3.2.

  • Refund Success mail to the admin or specific email lists
  • Refund Success mail to the customer

Email templates

Of course, every new update is also a chance to rectify errs of the previous version

We found two pressing issues that needed attention. Here we go.


  1. The grid on ‘My Courses’ and ‘Courses’ page now shows boxes of the same height for all courses
  2. We restyled the ‘Take this Course’ button which was earlier poorly formatted.

One Step for Success

Since the release of Edwiser Bridge in 2015, it has helped many a business grow. Such is the story of HMDH Academy where Edwiser Bridge played a key role in the establishment and later on, the success of the academy.

The founder shared his experience with us and we would like to share it with you!

Check out How Edwiser Bridge Changed Richard’s Life.

HMDH Academy

Back to the Point

You can update Edwiser Bridge version to v1.3.2 for free from your WordPress Dashboard.

Go to Dashboard > Plugins >  Installed Plugins > You will see an option to Update below the Plugin Title ‘Edwiser Bridge – WordPress Moodle LMS Integration’ > Click ‘Update Now’

You can download the updated Edwiser Bridge 1.3.2 for free from the website directly. For any technical queries, you may visit the documentation or drop in a mail at [email protected].

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