New Edwiser Bridge Extension to Purchase Moodle Courses in Bulk!

It’s been a year since we launched the Edwiser Bridge – WordPress Moodle integration plugin.

Over the duration of this year, we’ve fine-tuned the plugin features, refactored the plugin code (now available on GitHub), built a stable user base, and added extensions to the repository.

Our aim has always been to make it for Moodle users to sell courses through WordPress. An in keeping with this, we’re excited to bring to you our latest edition to the list of Edwiser Bridge extensionsBulk Purchase!

Edwiser Bridge Bulk Purchase Extension

Bulk Purchase is a simple plugin that packs a powerful functionality. With this plugin you can now let your users purchase more than one quantity of a Moodle course during a single transaction. And that’s not all, the user can enroll himself and others to the purchased course!

So, with this plugin setup on your store, you can allow instructors, parents, corporate trainers to purchase a Moodle course on behalf of others, and then enroll them.

Plugin Features:

  • Purchase one or more courses on behalf of others
  • Enroll students to a course
  • Purchasers can enroll themselves to the course
  • Integrated with WooCommerce
  • CSV upload for bulk enrollment

All this, and regular updates for just $39! Might we say more?

How to Allow Bulk Purchase of Courses

By default, a course buyer has the option to purchase only a single copy of a course from Edwiser Bridge. There isn’t an option to select purchase quantity.

All of this changes with the Bulk Purchase add-on.

Integrated with WooCommerce, you need the WooCommerce Integration extension for Edwiser Bridge to use the plugin. to enable bulk purchase on a course purchase, you need to check the ‘Group Purchase‘ option on the associated WooCommerce product.


On your store, a course purchaser will now have an option to purchase multiple copies of the course.


If the ‘Enroll me‘ option is checked, the course buyer will be automatically enrolled for the purchase course.

The Bulk Purchase extension provides an intuitive UI to allow course buyers to enroll fellow students to the course.


And guess what?! Enrolling students becomes even simpler with the CSV upload option! 🙂


Important aspect of this development is now you have an another channel to earn by selling your Moodle courses. You could give access to elearning directors, content creators etc to come on to your site and purchase on behalf of their school, college, training institute students.

Get your copy of the Bulk Purchase plugin today!

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