Add Custom Fields – Settings for Moodle

Adding User Profile Fields to Moodle.

Step 1 – Login to the Moodle site.

Step 2 – Navigate to Site administration > Users > Accounts > User profile fields.

Step 3 – Select the Drop-down menu. When the value is selected, the browser will automatically go to the User Profile Fields page to edit the profile field setting.

Step 4 – Next is the Creating a new ‘Drop-down menu’ profile field. Enter the Short Name, Name, and Description of the field. Click Save Changes.

Important: When entering the Short Name of the User Profile, make sure the name is short and one word. Once the changes are saved, the New profile field will show on the list.

Step 5 – To view the User Profile field setting in the user account. Select Edit Profile in the Settings > Site Administration > Users > Accounts > Browse the list of users and edit a user to check the custom fields in the user’s profile. It will list a new profile field towards the bottom in the Other Fields section or in the selected category.

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