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Top 10 Moodle Jargon to Make Your Life Easy

Are you new to Moodle? Befuddled by all it’s technical terms, wiry from learning all the jargon by yourself?

Worry not!

We chose the top 10 commonly used terms on Moodle and tried to make your life a teeny bit simpler. Here goes:


A course is where the content to be taught is present in a systematic manner. Content is authored carefully by the tutor with the intention of successfully imparting knowledge to the one who is going through it.

moodle course




It is a group of functionalities with a common use. You can categorise courses, questions, roles and entries on Moodle.

moodle category


An activity can be any task that makes a student interact with other students or the teacher. Moodle gives plenty of options to the teacher to choose from, for creating activities for the students.

moodle activity


Resources are like attachments- they can be added to a course to drive across their point using an external link, document or file.

moodle resource


Blocks are clickable shortcuts which can be added to a course with different purposes. Sometimes these blocks belong to the current theme, to the plugins being used or they’re present by default.

moodle block


These are small applications with big uses. Plugins can either be downloaded for free or bought from an online store.

moodle plugin


Filters are helpful while creation of a course. When turned on, these filters convert or allow specific conversions of text to other formats like emoticons, hyperlinks and mathematical symbols.

moodle filter


A ‘role’ defines what a user is allowed to do or not do on Moodle. If a user is enrolled as a student, they won’t be able to access the course creation page, edit activities or assess assignments.

moodle role


Themes are “skins” that can be applied to your Moodle site to be able to customise how your website looks from outside. Certain themes like RemUI may also allow you to brand your institute or organisation along with additional perks for eLearning.

moodle theme remui


Shareable Content Object Reference Model is a package which makes course content compatible on all platforms. If your LMS is SCORM compliant then you can run any SCORM package on it. If you’re working with Moodle- you need not fret because Moodle is already compliant with it.


Well, well. We hope this tiny Moodle dictionary has you made you slightly confident about using the LMS. If there are any more words you still aren’t clear about, ask us directly in the comments or through email at [email protected]!

Till then enjoy this comic I came across while searching for jargon-related images on Google:

top 9 moodle jargon



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