Sell Moodle Courses as Memberships

Selling Moodle Membership-based Courses Using Edwiser Bridge and WooCommerce Memberships

Edwiser Bridge for Enhanced Course Selling

Edwiser Bridge is great for monetizing your Moodle e-learning courses by selling them on WordPress. As the name suggests, it bridges the two platforms for the benefit of both WordPress and Moodle users simultaneously, making your course selling more effective and profitable. It is a dynamic Moodle – WordPress integration solution for selling your Moodle courses. Moreover, the integration is simple and takes just one click. 

Role of WooCommerce Platform 

Apart from selling your Moodle courses, you also need to give your students the best experience in your e-commerce store. There are many technical aspects that can go wrong to ultimately disappoint your customers, be it payments, membership, subscriptions etc. We don’t want any errors here, do we? 

But setting up and managing a full-fledged online course store can be an uphill task

That’s when the WooCommerce plugin becomes imperative. It’s a great way to get your e-commerce store of courses up and running in a short span of time at a reasonable cost.  You can even sell physical products along with courses using Woocommerce which gives you a holistic e-commerce store.

WooCommerce is an open-source, fully customizable e-commerce plugin for WordPress that enables you to build your complete e-learning business. It is one of the leading e-commerce platforms in the world to effectively sell your courses.

WooCommerce is pretty advanced as it has a wide range of extensions too, to help you achieve extended features and functionality for your course store. For instance, Moodle-WordPress integration.

One such extension is the WooCommerce Membership plugin.

Let’s see how it works for your e-commerce course store!

How can Memberships Help?

  • Ability to offer selective access to your content – help leverage your knowledge/expertise
  • Ability to restrict or drip access to your content on the basis of membership – charge for your course content accordingly
  • Opportunity to earn more recurring income as you need not have a one-time payment system – boost your profits
  • Improved scope of payment and business as there is more flexibility with more earning avenues
  • Ability to reward members with special discounts to create a loyal customer base

Here’s an example to understand this better.

Suppose you are running an online store that gives you access to a number of eBooks and courses depending upon your membership. Assume, you have 3 different membership plans – Gold, Silver, and Bronze

These membership plans control access to different courses and ebooks. For instance, Bronze will give you access to 20 ebooks for a period of 6 months whereas Gold membership will give you access to all the ebooks and courses available for a year.

In WooCommerce Memberships, the first step is to create a membership plan. The next step is you can apply that plan to a specific course. These plans appear while purchasing the course, and the students can choose the required one from the available plans.

Moreover, with the WooCommerce Memberships plugin, you can set different prices for different memberships and the student can choose the membership plan accordingly. The prices will change depending on the membership plan. Once they buy the membership, they will have access to all that is included in it.

All this is great!


What happens when student membership expires or is cancelled?

As a course seller, Tell me what sounds more interesting to you?

Selling a simple course or putting the course into a membership plan and selling it ?? 

The second alternative creates a more attractive offer for your students so that you can even use such membership plans for creating a loyal group of learners. It gives you the option to create something like a Members-Only Club or a Loyalty Program for your member students. This helps with better course sales as well as bonding with customers wherein they feel privileged to have exclusive access to your content, thanks to various membership plans. 

Bottomline – It is necessary for effective course sales in the long run

Flexibility with Edwiser Bridge 

Edwiser Bridge offers holistic support and is 100 percent compatible with the WooCommerce Memberships plugin. Thanks to its premium version, Edwiser Bridge PRO, course selling has become smarter with more options apart from selling available now. 

It lets you have granular control over what course of action to take in case of membership expiration or cancellation. 

Upon Membership expiration, the plugin gives the functionality for you to choose what to do with the students with an expired membership. You can either suspend them, unenroll or choose to do nothing.

Likewise, upon membership cancellation, you can choose to either suspend the student, unenroll or do nothing.

Edwiser Bridge WooCommerce Memberships
WooCommerce Memberships Expiration/ Cancellation Settings

This is how a basic course membership e-commerce website can be leveraged for more control in terms of access to your course content as well as monetary profits with Edwiser Bridge and the Edwiser Bridge PRO

Simply selling courses won’t be the only source of profit for you now, options such as memberships, subscriptions, etc. offer you a chance to maximize your profits through smarter avenues. Like in this case, you created ebooks and courses for membership and then tied your membership plans to these ebooks/courses (content in general) for selling. By doing this, you have expanded the scope of selling your courses, thus boosting your e-learning profit.

So, go ahead and take the right step for frictionless, profit-oriented e-learning!

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