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Selling Moodle Subscription-Based Courses Using WooCommerce Subscriptions

Planning to sell your Moodle courses online? Edwiser Bridge is just the right tool for you. With Edwiser Bridge, you can infuse more profit into your e-learning business by automating the entire course selling process on Wordpress. 

Yes, folks, you heard it right! The entire process from top to bottom 🙂

Edwiser Bridge for an Ecommerce Store of Courses

You know you’re great at what you do. You make awesome professional courses on Moodle. What if you wish to amp up your profits derived from course sales? One thing that you could do is, set up a sophisticated online marketplace of your courses – a full-fledged eCommerce store with automated course selling, listing, enrollment, invoicing, etc. 

This is great to streamline your business administration as you would have a 24×7 running eCommerce course store without you having to constantly take care of it. 

The internet never sleeps and neither will your business – assurance guaranteed here! People are buying your courses irrespective of where you are or what you’re doing! Your attention is no longer fragmented. This gives you a chance to focus on making great course content and earning good profit from your e-learning initiative. 

Providing best eLearning content combined with handsome earning – It can’t get more awesome than this.

Edwiser Bridge makes all of this possible. But there’s more that you should know to maximize your financial gains!

Edwiser Bridge Woocommerce Integration

Just selling online Moodle courses might be not enough for some as they might be looking to expand their e-commerce business. 

Apart from earning more bucks, you should also put in considerable effort to understand how it can benefit your learners. Your learners are giving you serious business and they deserve to be cared for. It’s best to be learner-oriented and show them that you care. That’s where thinking about ease of use and user experience becomes crucial.  

And here’s where Woocommerce comes into the picture. 

WooCommerce is a free Wordpress plugin that lets you sell different types of products on Wordpress in a set-up like an e-commerce store.

In a nutshell, WooCommerce helps you launch your online store and sell your products on Wordpress in just a few clicks. Automated course selling, course management, enrollment, payment management, coupons, and offers are going to give a massive boost to your e-learning business.

Now, how is Edwiser Bridge-Woocommerce Integration associated with this? As the name suggests, it integrates Edwiser Bridge with Woocommerce. 

Wondering what the upside is?

In simple words, Woocommerce Integration helps you associate your Moodle courses with Woocommerce products and you can then sell them as Woocommerce products.

Woocommerce Subscriptions for Payment and Course Management

Managing payments in an eCommerce store can be tedious. Especially if you’re just starting out.

Moreover, payments can be prone to errors and failure – every user’s worst nightmare!

As a course creator and seller, invoice processing errors and payment issues can wreak havoc on your business. 

Suppose you are running a coaching institute. You have a number of courses that are uploaded online and students can access them to learn on-the-go. Now, you want the students to pay for the courses as they use them. Here is where Woocommerce Subscription comes into action.

You can set a subscription period for a specific course with the Woocommerce Subscription plugin. Your students will then be charged a specific amount per month to keep getting access to that course. 

For instance, you create a Woocommerce Subscriptions Product lasting 6 months. You set the product as a Simple Subscription and charge USD 10 per month for using that course. In this case, your learners buying that subscription will have to pay USD 10 per month over a span of 6 months to get access to the course. 

The best part is, this can be customized as per the requirement of your students. Your students also have the option to temporarily discontinue access to the purchased course in the middle of the subscription period, by not paying for a specific month. They can pay and resume courses whenever they wish to. 

Therefore apart from being high on functionality, the plugin is high on flexibility too. 

eb woocommerce subscriptions image

Edwiser Bridge has extended support for Woocommerce Subscriptions. Here the admin can decide on what happens to the user/student when the subscription ends. The admin can choose between whether a user will be Suspended, Unenrolled or his status remains unchanged after the subscription ends.

All the Edwiser Bridge extensions are now included in its upgraded version – Edwiser Bridge PRO.

This bundle of Moodle e-commerce plugins lets you do a whole lot of e-commerce activities on your digital course store. And you can even sell multiple courses as bundled products via the WooCommerce Subscription add-on (included in the PRO version)

Wondering how you can achieve all of this!


All you have to do is activate Edwiser Bridge and the Edwiser Bridge PRO on your website. 

Why don’t you try it out and let us know about your experience in the comments section below.

5 thoughts on “Selling Moodle Subscription-Based Courses Using WooCommerce Subscriptions”

    1. Avatar of Vrushabh Mudhale
      Vrushabh Mudhale

      Hello Dave,

      I hope you are doing well.

      This is the same Edwiser Bridge Woocommerce Integration that lets you integrate Edwiser Bridge and Woocommerce. We have extended its functionality and it now supports Woocommerce Subscription too.

      If you have any queries, do let us know.

      Team Edwiser

  1. Avatar of NAM

    Is it possible to do the following?
    1) We want to implement a Netflix-type subscription model in moodle. As long as the user keeps his monthly payment made, the user can access all the moodle courses. If the user stops paying the month, their access to the courses is suspended.
    2) Additionally, it is required to identify which courses are linked to the previous subscription model. This means that if the user purchases an individual course, and has not paid for a subscription model, this access will not be suspended.

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