[RemUI update] Building & Customizing Moodle Pages Made Better, Faster, Easier

[RemUI Update] Building & Customizing Moodle Pages Made Better, Faster, Easier

Is Moodle page building, designing, or customization a harrowing task for you???

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No no..wait! Don’t get me wrong here! Moodle is massively customizable. 

But I’m talking on behalf of ALL the moodlers 🙂 And most moodlers would agree that quickly creating or designing individual Moodle pages from scratch is tricky.

So, we can’t simply abandon the rest! You’ve been there too, so you know what I’m talking about, right?

The Journey ?… Dreams ? vs Reality ✅!!!

Let’s say your course curriculum is ready, you’re all set to build your Moodle course…excited..thinking about all the creative ways to present your course ideas visually!

But…real life hits you hard ?and then you’re like “Oh, well, there’s a lot of work to do”

YES, unfortunately – but not *REALLY* if you have the right tool with the right features 🙂 (More on this, later in the article)

Although Moodle is great when it comes to customization. It’s probably not exactly everything you want. The page layouts are pretty much unchangeable!

That’s when you realize you need a developer, a Moodle partner, or a fully customizable Moodle theme to build a page as per your needs. But let’s face it:

  • Not everyone is mentally ready to get their hands dirty
  • Not everyone can hire a developer, damn they’re expensive!
  • Some moodlers are just too busy 🙁

And you don’t have all day to spend with Moodle – Cuz…YOU HAVE A LIFE! (Unless you’re customizing Moodle for a living ?)



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Moodle customization has gone to the next level now with Edwiser RemUI’s Demo Importer and the Page Builder!

Also, here’s the best part – this updated version of the theme along with the new features is fully compatible with Moodle 3.11 😀 😀

So, grab a coffee and enjoy the article! ?? ( Get more coffee as you might need some energy later to try the features we’re about to discuss ?)

Here’s to simpler and better lives! Let’s go ???

How to Customize Moodle, Quick and Easy

#1 Designing Pages Made Quicker

A couple of moodlers in our user interviews complained about how designing in Moodle was still giving them a hard time.

We had to do something about it. And here we are, back with another RemUI update offering the Demo Importer.

You can use your favorite demo layouts and experiment with different homepage and course page designs, to create attractive yet professional-looking site home and course pages in no time!

Simply import the ready-made homepage of your choice & edit the content. 

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You can even directly import courses available on our demo to your site and get started in minutes. 

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#2 Extra Flexibility in Moodle Page Design = Better Pages

As mentioned before, building pages in Moodle is soon going to be even easier and faster!

I’m letting the cat out of the bag now! 

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Ever thought there are high chances your learners can get bored of your Moodle site??

That’s quite obvious with time if you offer the old wine in a new bottle!

So, how do you engage them and offer value to them without working endless hours??

You improve your page layout! 

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I mean it! You can soon revamp the whole page in fact…without touching the core Moodle code!

I know there is no straightforward way of creating a new page in Moodle.

But we’ve taken care of this for you with the Page Builder feature of Edwiser RemUI!!! #NerdyStuffHandled ??

Within the Page Builder, we’ve provided the functionality to create custom pages in Moodle with the ability to add different components to the page using the Edwiser Block plugin.

In the first release, we’ve come up with 14+ Custom Edwiser RemUI blocks that can be added on different Moodle pages for better layouts, quicker designing, and customization.

The blocks are 404error, feature section, image grid, meet the team, pricing, contact us and many more...

This will help you easily and very quickly create a new page in Moodle and add different elements using the existing custom RemUI blocks 😀 So, you have complete flexibility to design the page the way you want.

page builder for Moodle 1

Time to Call the Shots…

That’s all for now!

Comment and tell us what more features you want us to add to Edwiser RemUI! 

Until then, do check out the Demo Importer and the Page Builder

Note: If you already own RemUI PRO or the Course Creator Suite, you can download the latest version from the My Account page. If you still haven’t upgraded your Moodle experience then you can even purchase the theme from the above link.

We do hope we’ve hit the nail on the head. Now, it’s your turn to upgrade your Moodle experience! 
Like I said….Live a little!!!! Because you only live once 🙂

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