5 Moodle Examples to Inspire your LMS Success

5 Moodle Site Examples to Inspire your LMS Success

Hey Moodle folks!

In this article, we will take you through 5 interesting Moodle examples to inspire your LMS initiative success.

We all know and probably every Moodler can vouch for this – Moodle is hands down, one of the ablest learning platforms in the world. It can single-handedly help you ace your LMS game with its modular design and high scope for customization. 

I know a certain chunk of people may not like Moodle, they talk about how difficult it is to understand Moodle and get started with it. Trust me, it’s not as complex as it sounds. 

Is Moodle Worth it?

I agree it’s ginormous and at times can be too much to grasp or process. 

But hey, look at the bright side! There’s so much you can do with Moodle for FREE and the possibilities are fathomless. 

Once you get the hang of such a hugely dynamic system, it’s very likely that you won’t go back to any other LMS.

Moodle – Your go-to LMS 

Don’t take our word for it, the discussion forums are going gaga over Moodle’s capabilities. Think of it as a modular kitchen in your homes. Once you start enjoying its flexibility and versatility, it’s hard to go back to using regular kitchens. True, isn’t it? 🙂 

And just like modular kitchens, you can use different Modules in Moodle to create a holistic e-Learning platform tailored to your needs. 

If you are looking to set up a dedicated LMS for your e-learning program, but are shaky about using Moodle for it, don’t be! 

To help you draw some meaningful insights and get inspired, we have some successful Moodle stories for you. 

Keep reading!

List of Best Moodle Site Examples to Inspire your LMS Success

#1 Majan University College

With a learning capacity of 3500 students, Majan University College is the first private college in Oman located in the capital city of Muscat. They moved all the college operations and modules on their dedicated Moodle LMS called MOVE. 

LMS Needs

  • Employ a central Learning Management System (LMS) for the benefit of students learning from their homes. 
  • Access to course materials anytime, anywhere
  • Easy and flexible, face-to-face induction of staff members

Moodle Solution

They used Moodle’s quiz module to create easy to conduct and super-secure MCQ-based exams. To prevent cheating instances, they used the Safe Exam Browser to lock down the workstations during the tests.

In order to boost motivation and engagement, the LMS featured sliders with ‘quotes of famous personalities’, upcoming events, and student achievements

The college created marketing spots that featured “Learn & Engage,” student handbook, and quick access to the digital library portal.

An open course set up in their Moodle that consists of a single attempt quiz with 10 questions for staff and students, called ‘Learn & Engage’. Anyone finishing the quiz with a full score gets an automated digital badge.

To expand the reach and promote the shareability of content on social media channels, quick links to social media channels and mobile apps (iOS and Android) were incorporated into the portal. 

To keep students and teachers updated with current affairs, updates and trending news articles to report happenings from all around Muscat were featured too.

The LMS also provides a  software portal for students to request and download the recommended software needed for their academic projects

The FAQ section was set up to talk about Turnitin, digital badges, Google G-Suite, Library resources, our official mobile app, etc and expand the knowledge base.

All modules on Majan’s Moodle were standardized with every module having an icon, associated lecturer profiles, layered course information for easy access to students, and teachers.

Some other interesting features include – an online dictionary, a guide to referencing in affiliation with the University of Bedfordshire, MyMajan Mobile app, and a Recommended Apps section featuring handy apps/tools with support across multiple devices to help students better organize their time, increase productivity and enrich their knowledge.


  1. As of now, every academic module has a page with different relevant resources and activities. Fuss-free submission of assignments and feedback on the LMS made the students’ life a bit easier. 
  2. Things got more organized due to class forums giving out important module information such as exam dates, revision notes, teacher feedback, etc. 
  3. The digitized staff induction process provided a consistent experience to all staff members. Moreover, simple tracking features make it easier to monitor who has done what to meet academic expectations. 
  4. In a nutshell, Moodle made learning, teaching and staff induction easier and effective to deliver for Majan University College.

#2  Dearborn Public Schools 

Dearborn Public Schools is an award-winning district offering high-quality education and specialized programs to over 21,000 students. It’s a group of 32 K-12 schools occupying the entire city of Dearborn, Michigan and a small portion of Dearborn Heights, both located in the Greater Detroit area of the USA.

LMS Needs

  • Teachers at Dearborn were keen on using Moodle for better learning and teaching
  • To create district-wide any time, anywhere, any-place learning opportunities for the staff
  • Focus on all-round professional development of teachers
  • To make creative use of Moodle technology and promote collaboration in building online courses for students across the entire district
  • Facilitate automated feedback, administer accountable peer assessments, create interactive content etc
  • Capture and fulfill the educational needs of  a wide range of learners and educators from preschoolers to post-secondary students in a holistic manner

Moodle Solution

For starters, the school set up a server and integrated logins with district credentials for easier and secure authentication. Every teacher could easily create new courses. A dedicated tech team was responsible to keep learning barriers in check and get rid of potential hurdles coming in the way of the smooth functioning of the system. 

They developed a clean and attractive Moodle interface using the  Fordson theme in Moodle. Also, they developed an Easy Enrollment plugin for uninterrupted and simplified enrollments. Moreover, several teachers used the Workshop Module in Moodle to let students be proactive and take charge of learning through peer editing. 

New students in the US, who were not fluent enough in English, were allowed to pick a language of their choice. The teachers translated the material verbally and embedded recordings in Moodle to facilitate better understanding. For the 11th graders, the teachers created a self-paced, self-checking review course for the students to facilitate their social studies tests. 

The school also streamlined the entire process of district-wide evaluation for non-instructional employees. This took the stress off the reporting and follow up processes needed on a regular basis, without incurring additional cost.

The school even used Moodle to conduct a wide range of training activities for all staff such as ADA Compliance, Response to bullying behaviour etc. Each employee successfully completing the training is awarded a badge for each course.

Chris Kenniburg, an internationally helpful Moodler, helped them implement Moodle 


  1. Dearborn Public Schools heavily invested in Moodle to create a rich environment that focuses on both student and teacher learning. 
  2. They were able to extensively customize their Moodle learning system to meet specific needs across a wide spectrum of users. 
  3. The school continues to develop and extend the use of Moodle for improved learning outcomes and efficiencies.

In a hurry? Grab the hot-to-trot Make your Homepage Look Good guide that outlines the steps and go through it whenever you get time.

#3  Increasing Diversity by Increasing Access to Legal Education (IDIA)

IDIA is a noble initiative founded by Prof (Dr). Shamnad Basheer aimed to provide legal education training to underprivileged students from marginalized families in India earning less than USD 2500 per annum. 

The mission is to help students with disabilities and low family incomes to gain admission to top law schools in India and support their educational journey from start to finish. Currently, the project supports more than 70 students, including 16 scholars with disabilities, studying at the best law schools in the country.

LMS Needs

  • Use Moodle to deliver legal education, training and support 
  • Make education in Law affordable and easily accessible (75% of the households in rural India earn less than USD 100 per month)
  • Break physical barriers and make content accessible for students with physical disabilities (4.5 million students are differently-abled in India)

Moodle Solution

IDIA used Moodle to train underprivileged students for free for the Law entrance examinations in India.

IDIA ensured high-level accessibility to facilitate easier access to learning content to both able-bodied and blind students. CAPTCHA was replaced with email-based registrations for visually-impaired students.

Moodle was used to provide reasonable test venues for IDIA students with disabilities. In India, persons with disabilities, under law, are provided 20 minutes additional time for every one hour of an examination. Moodle easily enabled this functionality with one simple click of a button.

Since most of the organizers of the project were lawyers with limited or no technical expertise or knowledge of coding, Moodle helped them learn crucial code and design to implement solutions to solve various problems in e-Learning. 

Moodle’s global community of experts proved extremely helpful to IDIA by answering critical questions in Moodle forums, by improving the documentation and by developing plugins to modify their Moodle site according to the legal ecosystem.


  1. With Moodle, IDA could easily host niche content that would have otherwise been inaccessible to those having disabilities as well as those surviving on a shoestring budget. It played a key role in efficiently bridging the learning gap and reaching out to those in need.
  2. In less than a year, IDIA was able to deliver high-quality legal training materials supported by a talented group of 30 volunteers from different states of India. 

Hats off to IDIA and three cheers for Moodle!

#4 Dulwich College International

Dulwich College International (DCI) is a popular international school group catering to over 6000 students worldwide. The network consists of seven international colleges and two international high schools spread throughout China, Myanmar, Singapore and South Korea. 

DCI already had a dedicated Moodle LMS in place to deliver courses to some of its colleges and high schools. But intended to expand its reach and extend their Moodle system to a larger audience. 

LMS Needs

  • Utilize Moodle to its full potential
  • Integrate Moodle with their management information system, Capita SIMS
  • Improve the reach of the current Moodle LMS
  • Create complete tailor-made Moodle solution to fulfill the needs of all users – Teachers, parents, students

Moodle Solution

DCI partnered with Moodle Certified Partner, Titus Learning to build a holistic LMS tailored to the requirements of all users across multiple sites globally. 

A new custom theme was designed from scratch to match the Dulwich College visual identity and to make content uploading easier, more systematic.

 In order to simplify navigation, DCI developed the MyApps menu to help give quick access to commonly used features on the site. The theme also provided a personal Dashboard that displayed important user information.

Moreover, sharing crucial reports, grades, information and documentation became easier with the Moodle-SIMS integration. The integration also helped students engage better by giving quick access to timetables, homework assignments, resources and exam calendars through a very simple interface

Parents could also instant messaging to keep them up to date with the latest news. The instant messaging system to keep them updated with the latest news made it easier for the parents to be involved in their ward’s educational process.

Things got better for teachers as they could work more flexibly with reduced grading overload, have on-the-go access to real-time MIS data and easily facilitate grading, assessment and registration on mobile devices.

The entire process was made more convenient as instant messages delivered directly to the user’s smartphone, and integration with cashless payment systems.

The impressive support team was proactively involved in improving the e-Learning site to adapt to the changing needs of the school, carefully monitored the learning platform remotely, provided top-notch security and regular updates aligning with official Moodle releases.


  1. Using Moodle, DCI could effortlessly customize a number of plugins to better fit the schools’ needs across various sites in the world. 
  2. Moodle also helped DCI provide effective training programmes for admins and teachers worldwide.
  3. Moreover, DCI was successful in seamlessly hosting the entire LMS on-site with high-quality support powered by remote management. 
  4. Titus Learning was also instrumental in providing the tools and communication needed to make Moodle better serve all the teachers, students and parents.

#5 Carbon Black

Carbon Black is a cybersecurity company based in Massachusetts, USA. The company develops security software to detect malicious behaviour. The software designed also helps prevent malicious files from attacking an organization.

LMS Needs

  • The company needed a more effective onboarding process, analytics, and reporting to understand how their training resources were utilized
  • They identified the need to have a centralized location for organizing and sharing market knowledge in an easy manner
  • Find a reliable way to share the resources of the self-hosted in-house knowledge management program for sales training and 
  • Keep track of how resources such as presentations, documentations, and many other tools were being used by their employees

Moodle Solution

After rigorous analysis, the company decided to opt for a fully-managed Moodle LMS. eThink Education, the fastest-growing U.S. based Moodle Partner, was selected to take care of the implementation, hosting, salesforce integration, and unlimited consulting from scratch.

The solution consisted of a centralized repository to host all educational resources, training content, and assessments easily shareable in both synchronous and asynchronous environments.

Carbon Black utilized valuable analytics and reporting to track training progress, course completions, and acquired competencies – all thanks to the flexible analytics and reporting tools in Moodle. 

It was easier for the admins to measure employee engagement levels with accuracy. This was made possible by quizzes, tests, and other assignments for meaningful learning backed by feedback. 

The course catalog set up in Moodle offered a variety of courses that employees could take based on their interests. This ensured all-round professional development along with genuine engagement


With Moodle, Carbon Black achieved great results!

  1. The new system gave the trainers clear insights into the performance of the new employees. They could view their constant progress through training and even understand their strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Eventually, it helped the company make better decisions and ensure the new hires perfectly fit into their job roles. 
  3. They were able to create role-based learning pathways to provide a more personalized onboarding process. With ten different positions within the Sales Department, each employee received customized, role-specific training.


Here’s a quick summary of everything:

Case Study Moodle Challenges Solution
Majan University College– Central LMS to access course material anytime, anywhere
– Easy, face to face staff induction
– Modules standardized with icons associated with lecturer profiles
Layered course information for easy access
– FAQ section to inform learners about the official mobile app, Turnitin, digital badges, Google G-Suite, Library resources etc.
 – LMS featured sliders with ‘quotes of famous personalities’, upcoming events, and student achievements
– Quiz module used for super-secure MCQ-based exams in Safe-Browser mode
Dearborn Public Schools– District-wide e-learning opportunities for the staff
– Facilitate automated feedback, administer accountable peer assessments, create interactive content
– Capture a wide range of learners
– Server and integrated logins with district credentials for easier and secure authentication
– Fordson theme used for a clean & attractive interface 
– Simplified enrollments with the Easy Enrollment plugin (in-house)
– Peer editing with the Workshop Module to let learners be proactive
– Embedded recordings of translated content
– District-wide evaluation for non-instructional employees
– Training for all staff such as ADA Compliance, Response to bullying behaviour etc
Increasing Diversity by Increasing Access to Legal Education (IDIA)– Make education in Law affordable
– Make content accessible for students with physical disabilities
– CAPTCHA replaced with email-based registrations for visually impaired students
– Reasonable test venues for IDIA students with disabilities
– 20 minutes additional time for every one hour of an examination with one-click functionality
– The global community helped non-technical lawyers learn crucial code and design to implement specific solutions
– Site customized as per the legal ecosystem
Dulwich College International– Expand the reach of the existing Moodle LMS to a larger audience
– More refined solution tailored to fulfill the needs of all users – Teachers, parents, students
– Integrate Moodle with their management information system, Capita SIMS
– New custom theme for easier content uploads & better brand recognition
– MyApps menu for quick access to commonly used features to simplify navigation
– A personal Dashboard to show important user information
– Moodle-SIMS integration made grading, sharing reports, grades, documentation easier
– Simplified interface for quick access to timetables, homework assignments, resources, and exam calendars
– Instant messaging feature for parents to keep them updated with the latest news
Carbon Black– Effective onboarding process, analytics, and reporting
– Centralized location for easily organizing and sharing market knowledge
– Track how employees use company resources & tools
– Securely share the resources of the self-hosted in-house knowledge management program for sales training
– Moodle implementation, hosting, salesforce integration, & unlimited consulting from scratch
– Easily shareable centralized repository of educational resources, training content, and assessments
– Moodle analytics & reporting to track training progress, course completions
– Quizzes, tests, and other assignments along with feedback
– Course catalog offered multiple courses that employees could take based on their interests for professional development

You too Can Create a Kickass Moodle Site!!

Just set your goals, find the right tools or plugins and be sure to learn from the above experiences.

We have many effective plugins to help you build your  ideal Moodle site, the easier way! 

Got questions ? Hit us up at edwiser@wisdmlabs.com

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