Moodle Plugin to carry out surveys – Questionnaire- Reviewed!


Questionnaire, launched in 2012, is a plugin built by Moodle for adding various surveys to a course.

How to begin with Questionnaire

  1. Install Questionnaire
  2. Head to a course of your choice
  3. Turn editing ‘ON’ in the settings menu
  4. Find the section you want to add a survey to
  5. Click on “Add Activity or Resource”
  6. Click on “Questionnaire”



How do I create a questionnaire?

There are three major steps you need to cover to create a complete question set for your students:

  1. Edit Settings
  2. Add Questions
  3. Preview

>Edit Settings

In the Settings window, you will find eight tabs to make all the major edits of your survey. Enter the name of the questionnaire, give a small description, and enter the duration of its visibility on the course.

Then manage the settings for the responder – you can choose how frequently a person can respond to the questions, whether their identity should be visible or hidden and if they can view the responses from other participants.




Moving on, select whether you want to import an existing template of a questionnaire or choose among the public ones.

There are settings that let you control who sees the activity and who cannot, to choose an automated action after the survey is done with and set an expected date of submission. However, while using the plugin, I could not see the calendar in spite of the icon which is present.

Course competencies can be linked to the activity. Plus, it provides four different actions to choose from, once an activity has been completed.

Having set all these fields, save the template and move on to preparing the questions and select the answer formats.

>Add Questions

With every question, you can select the question type as well.


Below this column you have tiny icons to move, edit, delete or change the “mandatory” status of each question.

This feature comes really handy as it allows quick editing and managing options to you. 


After adding all the questions and customising them according to your liking, move on to see the Preview of the survey you have just created.

As an admin, you may answer the survey questions yourself and test whether it functions alright. 

Under “View All Responses” you get to see all the responses and sort the answers in whichever order you please. To see the students who are listed in the group and haven’t responded yet, click on “Non-respondents”.



My review

Questionnaire is a brilliantly detailed plugin, keeping in mind every customisation that a course author will want to be in charge of. It takes a little time to get used to the various settings but after using it once or twice, you will realise it is fairly simple.

What I liked the most


  • Is easily editable
  • Has numerous customising options
  • Covers all nuances of a survey
  • Allows easy viewing of all the responses
  • Is well-laid out
  • Has information boxes for every field

What I did not like


  • Has some fields that are not necessary while making the first draft
  • Explains some features vaguely
  • Does not have easy analytics

To Conclude

I would recommend this thoughtful plugin for all the course authors out there. On a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the highest, Questionnaire definitely scores a 4.5/5 for me!

The next plugin I’m going to review is “Custom Certificates“.

To suggest other Moodle plugins for an in-depth review, tell us in the comments section below!

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