Moodle Front Page Customization: 7 Challenges. One Solution!

You might have heard of the famous saying “First Impression is the Best Impression”. After all, haven’t we all grown up surrounded by these quotes & sayings?

If I have to ask you though, what’s the “first impression” element of any Moodle site, what would be your answer?

Dashboard? Nope. Umm…My Courses Page? Negative!

Front Page? BINGO!

Your Site Home (also called as Front Page/Homepage) is one page that isn’t just frequented by your students, but also checked out by random visitors! It’s quite evident then, that you need to pay a lot of attention to your Moodle Site Home.

A properly planned & designed Homepage helps you summarize your entire Moodle site on just one page, as well as engage your learners & visitors better!

So what’s really stopping you from doing so? Let’s look at what’s wrong with your Moodle Site Home, and 7 Reasons why…

Your Moodle Homepage Needs an Overhaul!

#1 Need For Coding

Are you someone who trembles every time you hear the word “Coding”? Speaking for myself, I certainly am. Every time I see code anywhere, it scares me.

The sad part is that the traditional way of designing pages involves a lot of coding!

For developers and professional designers, this isn’t a big deal. But for people who don’t have much technical knowledge, coding is often a person’s nightmare.

#2 Rigidity in Structure

Freedom to implement goes hand-in-hand with innovation. You could come up with breakthrough ideas but if you are unable to implement it in real, all efforts go in vain.

This is often the issue you come across when you want to customize Moodle homepage. Moodle doesn’t offer the required flexibility for implementing your design ideas for your Moodle front page.  

#3 Inability to Live Edit Sections

Even if we overlook the coding challenge, another challenge that plagues effective Moodle front page customization is the inability to Live Edit sections.

Being able to preview the changes you’ve just made is always a helpful thing, as it helps to get a sneak peek of the final output. However, other Moodle themes don’t provide the scope of being able to preview the edited sections as and when you’re making the changes.

#4 Time Consuming

When it comes to Moodle front page customization, enough time should be dedicated to it.

A valid question could be “Why?”. Your Moodle front page is something that acts as a first impression for your students as well as site visitors.

Coming up with a proper design, and more so implementing the design is a time-consuming process.  

#5 No Scope of Custom Styling

More often than not, Brands prefer their logo, color scheme and font styles to talk on their behalf. Effective branding is a foolproof way of ensuring top-of-the-mind recall, user trust, and emotional engagement.

However, the traditional ways of customizing your Moodle front page don’t offer you the scope of custom styling.

#6 Lack of Complete Control Over Sections

Some Moodle themes offer you the scope of customizing various sections on your Moodle Homepage. However, they don’t offer you complete customization control.

As a result, it’s not possible to implement all your design ideas completely on your Moodle front page.

#7 Lack of Responsiveness

Your audience is no more static when it comes to the device they use to access your site resources. More and more people are moving to access the internet from their mobile phones & tablets.

No surprises then, that your website should be responsive across devices, which unfortunately isn’t the case with most homepage building solutions out there!

Now that’s a lot of problems to tackle!

So, What’s the Way Out?

Here’s the good part about problems. There’s always a solution to them somewhere.

That made us wonder, wouldn’t it be amazing if you could customize your Moodle front page the way you like? Making it possible for you to design your dream home page easily? All of this, without any coding needed?

Guess what? Now you can, with Edwiser RemUI Homepage Builder!

As an all-new offering with Edwiser RemUI, this homepage builder empowers you to design your dream homepage, in a snap!

Edwiser RemUI Homepage Builder Benefits

With so much to offer, you’re just a step away from revolutionizing your Moodle homepage.

So why wait! Get candid with the all-new homepage builder for Moodle today!

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