Moodle™ Customization: 6 Best Moodle Plugins to Customize Your Page

When it comes to customizing Moodle or designing an interactive page on Moodle™, the extensive list of plugins in the Moodle™ LMS directory combined with external plugins can be overwhelming to even the most experienced users. 

Not to mention that, there are no special page builders or page layout designing/customization tools in Moodle™. This makes customizing your LMS page an arduous task 🙁

To top that off, most plugins fail to be user-friendly, come with very little to no documentation or tech support, and end up making page building & Moodle™ customization slightly restrictive.

How to Customize Moodle™??

Moodle™ customization can be done with the help of two main types of plugins, themes and course format. Themes will help you make large visual changes that are obvious at the first glance. They change colors, shapes, and essentially the structure of your Moodle™ page. Course formats change the way each course is displayed, improve course navigation and the overall layout or structure.

The availability of Moodle™ plugins allows you to customize as much as you want, but since they’re not all packaged together, working with so many plugins can be confusing too. 

Keeping in mind the learner requirements, we’ve compiled a list of 6 top page design plugins for Moodle™ customization.

#1 Edwiser RemUI

Looking for all-inclusive Moodle™ customization?? We recommend Edwiser RemUI. 

This Moodle™ theme makes page building easy and because it’s so feature-rich yet so simple, you have the option to easily customize to your heart’s content. Thanks to the Moodle™  custom blocks or the page builder.

With the easy and powerful Custom Page Builder that’s a part of Edwiser RemUI, the unintuitiveness of Moodle™ is no longer an issue. It’s made to be easy to use for both students and teachers.

The best part – Moodle™ has plenty of options to create well-designed course pages. But you can’t build a page from scratch and change how your basic page looks. Basically you can’t tweak the basic layout. And Edwiser RemUI page builder lets you explore this possibility

It’s completely responsive, supports rich media, and comes with a really well-maintained documentation page that’s there to support you throughout the process of building the page. 

It also comes with pre-built course page and home page templates that can act as a starting point for beginners. 

This plugin is recommended for anyone who is looking to build a professional yet intuitive solution for their students.


  • In-depth customization
  • Distraction-free Mode for readers
  • Live customizer and custom page builder
  • Intuitive, modern and professional layout
  • Pre-built demo templates to get started quickly

#2 H5P for Interactive Content

H5P is a great plugin to add to your Moodle™ Page if you’re looking to create learning tools that are interaction-based. 

This is a great way to keep the learning asynchronous as well as interactive for the students. It permits you to include rich media that is both responsive as well as user-friendly. 

The icing on the cake is that it is completely open-source and free. 

While this plugin won’t change your theme itself, it is great to include additional objects within your theme that cater to your course the best. Check out their examples and downloads page to see what this plugin is capable of.


  • Open Source
  • Well Documented
  • Example Code to Build From

#3 Edwiser Course Formats

If you want a refreshed and modern look for your course page, this plugin gives you the option of turning your course blocks into lists or cards that are clean, consistent, clear, and controlled. 

It’s a simple plugin that makes user-interaction with the course page easy and intuitive. The card format allows you to track course progress with activities and the list format gives the option of adding collapsible information that can be useful to the user as well. This plugin works with all themes and is completely free. 


  • Modern Looking
  • Easy to Use
  • Works with all Themes
  • Free

#4 Grid Course Format for Moodle™

If you’ve ever said “I’m having trouble positioning this block in the place I want”, you’re one of the thousands of people that struggle with this every day. In fact, most guides on using Moodle™ will dedicate a good chunk of time to explain how blocks work.

This plugin was designed exclusively so that you don’t have to struggle with positioning blocks. It makes placing them easy, intuitive, and most importantly, efficient. Although the plugin comes with no support, it’s fairly lightweight and more than 7700 websites use this plugin according to the stats. 

With regular updates and a huge user base, this is a tried and tested plugin that you just can’t miss.


  • Free
  • Lightweight
  • Regularly Updated

#5 Edumy – Premium Moodle™ LMS Theme

If you’re looking for a simple solution to build complex websites, Edumy comes with 100+ pre-built blocks that you can drag and drop to build your Moodle™ website. 

Since this is a theme, like Edwiser RemUI, it offers color, typography, and dashboard customizations. 

The extensive pre-built block collection makes customizing the pages easy and the website claims fast installation for quick uptime. This theme is great for people looking to build the page with the help of pre-built blocks. 


  • 100+ pre-built blocks
  • Easy to use live customizer
  • RTL Language compatible

#6 Content Pages plugin

This plugin makes adding semi-interactive content to the course page easy. It allows you to add things like image carousels, background colors, and checkboxes for mini quiz-like elements on the course page. 

It uses elements that are very familiar to everyone and makes sure to add accessibility standards to the elements added to the course page. 

These elements can even become evaluation items and can be tracked by the teacher easily. Using the plugin’s step-by-step method the page building for course content becomes easy.


  • Free
  • Built-pages are Accessible
  • A public/private notes section for users.


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Photo by Wes Hicks on Unsplash

These plugins will help you build & design better Moodle™ pages. And take visual engagement to the next level without becoming a time sink or requiring you to learn new skills altogether.

The best way to make the most out of your Moodle™  page is to get a theme that allows for maximum customization and one that comes equipped with good support and documentation for when you run into issues. 

This is because most free Moodle™ themes don’t come with a dedicated custom page builder like the one Edwiser RemUI offers. It usually requires a set of multiple complex plugins to achieve design changes or customizations on the page. 

If you’d like to better understand how a Custom Page Builder can help you, why don’t you check out what Edwiser RemUI has to offer?

Comment down below if you would like to see a different plugin added to this list!