Edwiser is All Set to Change the Face of Reporting in Moodle (

Edwiser is All Set to Change the Face of Reporting in Moodle (Take a Peek)

For all these years, Moodle has given us the launchpad to put effective e-Learning interface, learner-friendly design, and top-notch user experience on our agenda. 

We’re really happy to have created this new space of products for you, specially designed to make Moodle a better LMS for all – teachers, admins as well as students.

Our mission to make Moodle simple-to-use will neither change nor will it stop!

Time for the Announcement…

This time around, we’re even happier to announce that we’ve gone one step further to refine this space of products yet again (as we’ve said before, we’re not stopping). We’ve ventured into the world of reporting and analytics in Moodle!  

Introducing  Edwiser Reports  – the epitome of functionality and visual finesse in reporting and analytics on your Moodle site.

What is Edwiser Reports?

For those of you who are pressed for time, I’ll give you some quick bullets to understand what Edwiser Reports is exactly!

✅ It’s a free reporting and analytics plugin for Moodle

✅ It lets you effortlessly generate different types of visual reports in Moodle

✅ It helps you measure key e-Learning metrics and learner engagement levels/rates

✅ It helps you improve your courses and the overall learner retention of your e-Learning program

What makes it stand out?

Cost? It’s on the House

Number 1, Edwiser Reports is FREE! (No hidden charges at all)

Super user-friendly

Number 2, probably the most important too! It’s beginner-friendly! No matter how new you are to Moodle and analytics in general, you can easily get started with this plugin.

Detailed and visually engaging reports

graphs edwiser reports 1

Number 3, analyzing graphs in Moodle can be a mammoth of a task. Edwiser Reports has graphs that are designed to be superior on majorly three fronts – simplicity, aesthetics, and functionality. That’s what good graphs are supposed to do, right!

This plugin has it all! It has GOOD graphical representations that are simple yet effective. Not the jazzed up kinds or the hard-to-read kinds that can possibly give you “graph-phobia” (At least I’d lose interest and fear reading my graphs if they don’t get to the point or confuse me more – not worth the trouble).

Support for different types of reports

Number 4, Edwiser Reports gives you the flexibility to generate multiple types of reports such as site access report, student course progress report, learner course completion report, and Popular courses report. So, these handy reports not only make reporting in Moodle easy but also mighty convenient.

A lowdown on engagement rates on your platform

Number 5, to finally nail the engagement game!

The simplified graphical representations in Edwiser Reports not only help you easily monitor important learner engagement metrics such as course enrolment and course completion rates but also help you get the measure of how your students are actually engaging with your Moodle site.

If you want to know when your Moodle site recorded a hustle of activities or want to take a quick look at the number of active students. Simply go over the greatly detailed yet concise graphs in Edwiser Reports. 

They are easy on the eyes and very simple to use and understand! Less is more here, so you can count on Edwiser Reports to take away all your reporting stress in Moodle.

Why should you go for Edwiser Reports?

Of course, you’d want to know this!

To answer this, let’s get into a bit more detail and unpack our plugin a little!

Get ready as you’re about to discover more information about Edwiser Reports. And that means, more benefits are on the way 🙂

So, keep reading!

Edwiser Reports – The ONLY reporting plugin you need for Moodle 

#1 Effective tracking of learner engagement

Track learner engagement edwiser reports

It doesn’t matter if you spend days and nights preparing the right course content but often skip tracking or considering the impact of your courses on your learners. To make sure your learners are engaging with the content in the right way, the information that matters is presented in a neat and organized way (for example course progress data) – More on this in one of the sections that follow 🙂

This can come in really handy in hinting at specific learning patterns and help you get more creative with your courses. Don’t forget, you want to make your course content interesting as well as convenient to learn for your students.

#2 Seamless course progress monitoring

course progress edwiser reports 1

Your students are in complete control of their progress through the courses they take. But what if you could consistently keep a check on their course progress in a visual way? The Edwiser Reports plugin helps you track students’ progress to take on board how far they’ve gone in your course and how far they have left to go.

Supervising course progress will also be useful to understand if students are happily finishing your courses or quitting them midway. You could then work on improving the course content if you notice more students dropping off without bothering to complete their courses. 

Being slow to catch up on their course, some students might get left behind. It’d be great if you could give them a chance to perform better. Edwiser Reports also helps you track slow learners and make learning easier for them. 

#3 Efficiently leverage popular courses

Popular courses edwiser reports 1

We mentioned the Popular Courses Report before! Does it ring any bells?

To help you gain an accurate understanding of what kind of course content you can create in the future that will benefit your students the most, Edwiser Reports gives you the list of the most popular courses on your Moodle site. You can leverage this information in three ways. 

✅ You could make improvements to your existing courses

✅ Your future courses are sorted too as you’d have a clear idea of what type of course content your students prefer and enjoy learning

✅ You could pitch this information to your future students on your platform itself to increase enrolments to your popular courses

#4 Easy dashboard customization

dashboard customization edwiser reports
dashboard customization 2 edwiser reports

Looks like the Edwiser Reports plugin has pulled this off very well! You can easily personalize your dashboard by adding or removing the blocks that you need. To every Moodler’s delight, there are 13 high-functionality blocks to help you know all that you need for effective reporting in Moodle. 

No matter what user role you’re logged into – student, teacher, or administrator, you can configure the dashboard blocks the way you want. This is also a great timesaver as you can strip the dashboard down to the most essential blocks to get crucial information tailored to your specific requirements – No extra data blocking your mind or your work.

#5 Smooth automation of reports

automated reports edwiser reports

If you have multiple reports to optimize, manage, and analyze, don’t worry! The Edwiser Reports plugin has got you covered. You can schedule your reports in a way to get the exact data needed for the duration you want (daily, weekly, for a specific day, etc). You can easily automate the reporting process so there’s absolutely no possibility of error.

Since the reports are automated and you directly receive them in your mailbox, it’s quicker, effective, and 100% error-free. Congrats in advance as you’d be saving plenty of time and energy there! In the meanwhile, you could focus on doing other important tasks on your Moodle site.

Last but not least! There is no time or location barrier so you can easily access these reports anytime anywhere. Pretty convenient, isn’t it? 

We’re not done yet…….. 

Well, this was just a glance at a few important features!

To know what’s more in store and how else you can improve your reporting in Moodle, just head over to the detailed benefits here.

Over to you

Hope you like our first step in making reporting for Moodle easier and systematic. 

Plus, although free, the Edwiser Reports plugin is so feature-rich, you’re not risking anything at all. Now, that’s something worth a try, isn’t it?

Get started with the plugin for free and see it in action on your Moodle site right away!

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