[Important Notice] Edwiser Bridge on WordPress Repository: We’re on it!

Edwiser Bridge on WordPress Repository

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A couple of days ago, we noticed a stark message in our mailbox. A potential customer couldn’t download our Edwiser Bridge from the WordPress repository. We went on to hunt the reason and found out that our plugin had been flagged.

Imagine the horror on a weekend! – that’s 2020 for you. Right?

Well, some emails went back and forth and we realized we had to make some minor changes in our plugin to get things back on track. We hadn’t received a warning email because the emails sent from the team at WordPress didn’t reach our inbox. They bounced.

The change that’s needed

The good part, however, was that no major bugs or imminent security threats were reported. We had to make sure we complied with WordPress coding practices and make minor changes. One change in particular.

You see, WordPress reviews all code and plugins once in a while. (It’s commendable, by the way). And, during this review, because there’s a major release planned on December 8th, it found some oddities in our Edwiser Bridge plugin.

We’re working on an update and the team tells me, it will be rolled out soon.

In case you were looking to download the plugin, you can do so using the link in this post.

We thank you for your patience at this time. And we look forward to seeing you on wordpress.org soon!

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