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How Gravy For The Brain found the Perfect Solution with Edwiser Bridge


Gravy For The Brain is an online training venture that specializes in courses designed to develop and enhance a person’s Voice Over Skills.

Led by the expertise of founders Hugh Edwards and Peter Dickson, it started out as face-to-face training program under the name ‘High Score Training’, before they decided to go online and adopt the name ‘Gravy For The Brain’ in September 2013.

They haven’t looked back since.

The journey from ‘High Score Training’ to ‘Gravy For The Brain’

Operating as an e-learning service provider, Gravy For The Brain needed an impeccable Learning Management System for their website. In fact, this was one of the hardest hurdle to overcome.

In the words of founder Hugh Edwards, “Designing our own website and system for course deliveries was the biggest challenge when we initially started out”.

What Hugh was looking for was a system that’s stood the test of time and proved its reliability time and again; Moodle happened to be a natural choice.

His reasoning was simple,

“I chose Moodle because it is free and very powerful. Once you get to know it and turn off all the features you don’t need, it’s fantastic. It’s support is second to none and it’s very stable and easy to use.”

But Moodle isn’t without its share of drawbacks.

The UI has often been subjected to criticism, a sentiment that Hugh relates to.

“Graphically it isn’t brilliant, but we have overcome that in our own way.”

When asked how, Hugh was quick to reply, “We wanted flexibility and a lot more application options – WordPress was just the best way to do it without spending thousands on bespoke developments.”

Google comes to the rescue

To be able to synchronize his Moodle site with that of WordPress, Hugh did need to invest in a solution, a sort of ‘bridge’. A quick search online pointed him towards Edwiser Bridge, and it turned out to be exactly what he was looking for!

“We googled it and I believe you are the only company out there doing this! Once it’s set up and running, it’s great!”.

The Game-Changing Moodle + WordPress Integration

An integration between Moodle and WordPress opened a lot of doors for his business. Not only was he able to micro manage his content and his users from the comfort of a familiar and user friendly WordPress website, but it also allowed him to tap into the full potential of WordPress as a marketing tool to increase his visibility, traffic and revenue.

Gravy For The Brain currently stands tall as one of the better known voice over training ventures, with over 24,000 users worldwide.

When asked if he’d like to share advice with people who’re looking to move their business online, Hugh was quick to respond confidently “Just go for it! :)”

We totally second that!

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