Actionable Moodle™ Reporting: Best Moodle™ Reports for Teachers

Actionable Moodle™ Reporting Best Moodle™ Reports for Teachers

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To make sure you have a sustainably running Moodle™ LMS, simply uploading or delivering quality course content is never enough. Evaluating your student engagement levels and assessing their performance is equally critical.

For starters, here’s what you should be looking at:

  • – Tracking their participation
  • – Understanding their e-learning challenges
  • – Observing how your learners interact with your courses
  • – Ensuring their feedback is taken into consideration for further value addition to your courses

But how do you measure all of the above in Moodle™?

If you’re a Moodle™ teacher trying to make sense of these vague parameters. This article will take you through some of the best Moodle™ reports to make your lives easier and with actionable Moodle™ reporting.

What are the Reports for Teachers in Moodle™?

  • – Course completion: In core Moodle™, you can use this report to check or track your student’s progress through a particular course. You can even set different criteria and check whether or not your students have fulfilled them and accordingly mark them complete. For better analysis, you can also download the report as a CSV file.
  • – Course participation: This report provides helps you effortlessly observe or track general participation in your course. You can even use it for monitoring learner activity and interaction in forums by checking the frequency of your student posts in the forum or activity. There is an option to add a filter too to narrow down your reporting, by time period, activity, or resource types such as forum, chat or quiz, course role, group, or action. In order to improve participation, you can also shoot a personalized message to individuals or groups of students, who haven’t participated, urging them to be a part of it.
  • – Activity Completion: Using this report, both students and teachers can easily track the activities to check whether or not they have been completed. You can set multiple criteria for activity completion and even monitor students’ progress in a course within which an activity has been added. For a crystal clear idea of course engagement on your LMS, you can also download a detailed report showing which activities have already been completed by which students.

Protip – Here’s a list of all the crucial reports you’d need for better reporting in Moodle

Moodle™ Reports for Teachers for Quick User Info Access

For quick access to user information, Edwiser Reports Pro offer the following reports

  • – Active users: This report helps you with investing in your most active learners and ensuring their e-learning experience improves every time they visit your LMS. An increase in this number reflects their direct interest and could mean that your course content is effective. This way they keep coming back to your site/courses
  • – Inactive users: This report helps you find learners who have stopped interacting with your courses and your LMS for a while. Simply because it’s worthwhile to understand why they have been away for such a long time and make improvements to your e-learning elements accordingly to re-engage them in a better way.
  • – Site access information report: This report helps you understand when users are most active during the day so you can schedule important e-learning events on your LMS accordingly to ensure good attendance of students attending or participating in it. This report also comes in handy if you want to put your LMS under maintenance without hampering learner experience.
  • – Daily activities reporting block: This useful report helps managers keep track of the day-to-day activities taking place on the LMS. They can keep an eye out on the number of enrollments, activity completions, course completions, new registration, and LMS visits

NOTE: The above reports are available for 2 more user roles in Moodle™ namely the Admin as well as the Manager

Moodle™ Reports for students for Quick User Info Access

  • – Course Progress: This is a dedicated report for learners to help them track their progress across the different courses they have enrolled in courses and it also gives them the ability to track overall time spent on individual courses
  • – Time spent on LMS: This report helps your students understand how much time is spent on LMS

What do Moodle™ Logs Contain?

Logs provide learner data both sitewide as well as at the course level. You can access and download this data for further analysis as activity reports. It gives you more clarity on which pages of your LMS were accessed by your learners along with the IP address, date, and time. The Log report also keeps track of the different actions taken by your students such as view, add, update or delete.

You can apply a filter to view data for a specific day or time period based on your needs. Another way of using logs to gauge LMS engagement is by viewing a particular student’s Forum activity or interaction by going through their posts in the forum.

There are different types of filters available to further drill-down and refine your search such as Course filter, Activity filter, Group filter, Participant filter, Actions filter, etc.

What is the difference between Reports and Logs in Moodle™?

A log resembles a table or list of information wherein every row or entry in the list, called a record in the log has a timestamp associated with it. The Log reports also come with one or more fields recording details of a specific activity at that particular timestamp or instant. A report however bundles the Log content in a different format.

In Closing

Given the complexity and vastness of Moodle™, it can get really overwhelming to collect, track and process large amounts of e-learning data. The more students you have on your LMS, the more time-consuming your reporting gets.

Why waste time in managing huge volumes of data when you can use it to gain actionable insights and make your courses as well as your Moodle™ LMS better!!

Edwiser Reports Pro has been specially designed to make sure you stop struggling with reporting in Moodle™ and gather critical data the easy way along with actionable insights effortlessly visible via simple graphical reports.

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