13 Strategies to Create and Sell eLearning Courses Efficiently

13 Strategies to Create and Sell Your eLearning Courses Efficiently

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Looking at the current trends, eLearning Courses have acquired a major stake in the domain of education and learning. eLearning provides a very efficient and user-friendly way of gaining knowledge. All of this, at your fingertips.

Evidently, there has been a major upsurge in the eLearning Ecosystem. More and more eLearning Platforms have come up in recent times. What’s more? These eLearning platforms have started including the most diverse of fields and sectors. From Employee Training Programs to Guitar Lessons, Personality Enhancement to Cooking Classes; eLearning Platforms have almost everything covered.

All this being said, what can you do to increase the popularity of your courses and be the cream of the crop?

We’ve listed down 13 Strategies to Create and Sell Your eLearning Courses Efficiently.

#1 Identify Your Target Audience

First and Foremost, Target Audience comes into the picture. It is the most important criteria for designing a successful eLearning course. Unless and until you have not zeroed-in on your Target Audience, your course content will end up being all over the place.

Identify Your Target Audience

The Complete Guide to Building Your Buyer Persona“, by QuickSprout talks about defining your own Target Audience. Once done, observe your competitors and the audience they target. Also, adapt their pluses and learn from their minuses. Improvise, effectively.

A hack for the same? Backlinks. Google defines Backlinks as

“an incoming hyperlink from one web page to another website”

You could check the backlinks of your competitors, to understand where their traffic comes from. This can be exploited further, by ensuring similar backlinks for your course pages as well.

#2 Start Off Small

So you’re done with defining an appropriate Target Audience. Great!

Now, Zoom-in, and Single-out a relatively smaller segment. With this Smaller segment, execute a Pilot program.

A pilot program is also called a feasibility study or experimental trial. It is a small-scale, short-term experiment that helps an organization learn how a large-scale project might work in practice.

What this will effectively do is, give you a scope of getting honest feedback for your course, from your most trusted patrons. Moreover, it’ll help you identify any bugs or shortcomings in your course, which you can correct in the updated version that’ll go out later.

#3 Offer an Engaging Sneak Peek

Yes, We’re being absolutely straightforward about it. You’ve to make sure you give your prospective learners something, before the real deal.

Always have your first-course lesson as Free. Use “Take this course” as CTA. Even more, focus on the quality of introduction well enough, so much that they end up in awe of your course. High chances your potential users will be impressed by what they see. And as human psychology has portrayed this time and again, they’ll want more and more.

There. You just got a new subscriber to your eLearning course.

#4 Work on your Brand Image

And as history has had it, the best of brands have made it so far, primarily owing to one distinct factor. A trustworthy and credible Brand Image.

Coca-Cola and Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk are a few examples of how important maintaining a good Brand Image is.

Work on your Brand Image
What really contributes to a good Brand Image? It is based on reviews from satisfied learners, stories of associated happiness, effective support, and so on.

Hence, reach out to your patrons and favorite learners. Put in a genuine request to these happy hearts. Compile brief testimonials of their experience. Video Testimonials are surely the Cherry on the top.

Who has ever stopped you from flaunting off good things in life? Go ahead. Upload these testimonials on your website, and use these snippets for advertising of your eLearning Courses.
Another good way of building brand image is to have partnerships with Educational Institutes and Universities. Learners tend to have faith in established universities, and this trust eventually transfers to your courses. Your following on Social Networks have a fair share of effect too.

#5 Keep Yourself Updated

Once your learners have signed up, they have let down their walls. They mean business. You wouldn’t want them to regret their decision ever.

That being said,

Let's talk about the Real Elephant in this room

Half knowledge is Dangerous.

What can you do about it? Keep yourself up to date continually. Most noteworthy, update your course content frequently with new content and lessons, whilst considering any new developments in that field. Moreover, use newsletters for intimation, whenever a new lesson is released, or an existing lesson updated.

#6 Keep Your Landing Page To-the-Point

Keep Your Landing Page To-the-Point
Keep it short. Keep it sweet. Your course landing page should speak less, yet speak volumes of the value you’re about to offer. Likewise, your offerings should be focused on solutions and not unnecessary beating around the bush.

Make sure you feature Learner Testimonials, as well as a precise listing of your offerings. This will help the visitors to identify if your course fits their needs or not. If you keep your course landing page too complicated or vague, it invariably would kill their interest.

Also, a single CTA is all that is needed for the conversion. Having multiple CTAs will end up confusing your visitors, and them consequently losing interest.

#7 Be Transparent about Cost & Time

Time is money. Wasted time means wasted money means trouble. -Shirley Temple

On your course landing page, you’re recommended to be upfront about the course duration. After taking up the free trial lesson, your course pricing section should clearly and very categorically mention the money involved.

Be Transparent about Cost & Time

This will help your prospective learners decide if they’re up for investing the said amount of money and time, or not. Your doors should be open even for learners who can’t afford to pay the full amount in one go. Hence, have EMIs as well, as an option for purchase.

Remember, Quality beats Quantity any day, especially when it’s about efficiently delivering what you promised.

#8 Time Your Course Launch Well

Time Your Course Launch Well

You wouldn’t want this to happen when you decide to launch your course, would you?

Maintaining a Yearly Calendar is a must. Keep track of the academic calendars of your target audience. Look for the dates or months where there’s maximum overlapping of “Academic Activity” of your potential learners, across different schools, colleges, institutes and so on.

Analyze. Brainstorm. Zero in on the best dates in your hand. And then put out your eLearning Courses to an awaiting audience.

#9 Keep Your Content Concentrated

Having talked about time and money previously, it’s absolutely imperative to understand one fact. It’s that people love focused content.

You wouldn’t want them bombarded with unrelated content.
Keep Your Content Concentrated

Make sure to implement a continual feedback system across your courses. After every section of your course, ask your learners questions if they found the particular information useful or not.

Periodically, keep removing the aspects which were rated as “Not useful”. This will help improve your learner satisfaction ratio. As a result, it’ll also lead to an increase in the popularity of your e-Learning Courses.

#10 Make Your Content Look Attractive

If there’s one undebatable theory as to why your heads turn whenever a Lamborghini turns around your corner, it has to be Hedonism. Wait… Hedo-what??

Google defines Hedonism as

“the ethical theory that pleasure (in the sense of the satisfaction of desires) is the highest good and proper aim of human life.”

It’s an inbuilt psychological tendency to feel interested in things that please our senses. So, why not exploit this for increasing learner interest in your eLearning Courses?

Make sure you’re putting in more-than-enough efforts in designing your eLearning course content. It should be pleasing to the eye, concise yet descriptive, featuring contrasting color-coding and so on. Try out different themes and decide which themes suit your eLearning Courses best. Also, experiment with colors, fonts, layouts, and appearance, to enhance your UI/UX.

#11 Step-up Your Results with Gamification

With Gamification ruling eLearning courses for some time now; Human Psychology comes into the picture, all over again. We, as humans, have a tendency to feel more pumped up and motivated upon receiving tokens of appreciation, and compliments.

Step-up Your Results with Gamification

Gamification should ideally be an integral element of your eLearning courses. Also, it’s highly recommended to set up Autoresponders. These should be triggered upon completion of not just courses, but even activities and sections.
It could be the smallest of milestones, but it will have a positive effect on your learners. Even more, it’ll contribute to a productive Brand Perception.

#12 Maintain Constant Touch with Enrolled Users

eLearning is a domain that should ideally involve a constant connection between the learners and the eLearning platform. Your learners should never feel isolated or cut-off. It is absolutely essential to provide fruitful support to your learners.

Keep rolling out e-Newsletters now and then. Offer a lot more value than what they were promised, and you’ll have their trust and loyalty for a lifetime. That’s my guarantee.

Talking about resolving queries of your learners as well as potential customers, make sure you’re receptive to their feedback, as well as queries. Your learners need to be attended to, at the earliest.

These queries and resolutions should also be shared on Social Channels. Consequently, this will contribute towards building learners’ trust in your brand.

#13 Get Your eLearning Courses Search-Engine-Listed

What’s the fun in coming up with the best courses ever on earth, and no one looking up your landing page ever? This is where Search Engines come into the picture. No, we’re not just talking about Google here. This universe is big enough, to explore a lot more.

It’s a world of Google now. But for you and I, we’ve got Course Search Engines as a blessing. Class-Central is one of the most popular Course Search Engines.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your courses listed now!

eLearning Courses are essential in today’s world, a world that strives to learn more and more. A plethora of eLearning Courses, an ocean of knowledge. Furthermore, the path you’ve taken is an interesting one. All that matters now is how deep you decide your exploration be.

Now that you have the 13 Strategies in your hand, it could just be a matter of time, before your eLearning Courses take the Community by Storm.

We at Edwiser wish you the best! 🙂

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