The 5 Best LMSes for Gamification

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Gamification, in the simplest of terms, is the application of gaming strategies to non-gaming platforms. Its sudden burgeoning in the corporate world has made industrial leaders believe that gamification is here for the long haul.
Google has implemented a travel expense game for its constantly on-the-move employees. The game urges them to keep track of all their business travel expenses. The reward? Every penny they save from the allocated travel expense is added as incentives to their salary.
You may think, “games are for kids.” But hold on! Let us explain why not.
The top three motivators for an employee are recognition, healthy competition, and reward. Gamification taps exactly into these. The incorporation a Learning Management System (LMS) with Gamification creates an atmosphere for healthy competition and higher achievements.
Implementing fun gaming techniques generates higher interactivity and engagement among employees. Below, considering the features, benefits and gamification philosophy, we have listed five of the best-gamified LMSs in no particular order.


eLucid LMS
eLucid, by WisdmLabs, is an upcoming superstar in workspace learning & gamification. eLucid boasts impressive gamification features like Crossword, Millionaire, and Snakes & Ladder that lets you create game-based quizzes and assessments that are fun and intuitive.
It also houses an in-built Interactive Content authoring tool that can be used to create rich and engaging learning content. eLucid helps engage and motivate learners through rewards, levels, badges on completing milestones.
eLucid also supports online libraries such as Mozilla Open Badges. Based on the number of badges earned, learners graduate to higher levels. Leaderboards can be used to reward top performers. Moreover, unearthing hidden rewards in the course keeps learners alert and interested.
Example, one of the largest ad tech companies in the world, has increased learner engagement by over 50% with eLucid. Their accomplishment is a rousing testament to its beneficial collaboration with eLucid. Prompt rewards, badges and the leaderboard has helped instil a culture of continuous learning.

Spoke LMS

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Spoke LMS, by Unboxed Technology, is an enterprising LMS that encourages learning through trainee collaboration and social engagement. It boasts of being one of the most affordable LMS providing white-glove service, seamless integration, and powerful reporting.
Spoke offers games like Match and Jeopardy. As learners share useful content and complete courses, they earn badges and Spoke coins, which can be redeemed for incentives.
A summer-day camp provider, Galileo offers pre-kindergarten children 8th-grade confidence-building challenges through a hands-on curriculum. When they decided to move from in-person to online training without losing their famous learning culture, they realized that they needed a modern solution.
This lead to their collaboration with Unboxed Technology. Its gamification features engaged the learners and sparked competition. Spoke maintained the bonding experience that trainers at Galileo were sceptical of losing. Spoke LMS increased Galileo’s staff engagement by 15–20%.

Academy LMS

Growth Engineering
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Growth Engineering is an award-winning learning technologies company that created Academy LMS. It’s a platform that improves training programs and increases employee engagement. It also developed Genie, an innovative game-based content authoring tool. Lastly, it offers The Knowledge Arcade, a mobile-based microlearning platform.
It includes features like interactive classrooms, attendance monitoring, calendar-management and real-time assessment. And was listed as one of the best next-generation LMS by Craig Weiss.
GAME is one of the leading specialist video game retailers in the UK. They have 320 stores and more than 3,700 employees throughout the country. They partnered with Growth Engineering and created ‘GAME Learning Zone (GLZ)’ to boost employee engagement. 
GLZ focuses on engagement through managing learners and hosting interactive training content. GLZ helped the employees of GAME stay abreast with the ever-evolving field of gaming in a fun and interactive way.

Talent LMS

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Talent LMS is a highly configurable cloud-based LMS. It rewards users with points and badges on the completion of courses. Talent LMS, just like eLucid is also compatible with Mozilla Open Badges. Here, learners graduate to higher levels based on their rewards.
Leaderboards act as a confidence booster and promote healthy competition. Other special features include conferencing and the ability to create courses in no time.
Finacle, a subsidiary of Infosys, is a digital banking solution suite. It needed a robust and learner-centric learning program. Collaborating with Talent LMS, Finacle launched “Finacle Micro Learning,” which hosts 90 videos encompassing a spectrum of functional and technical topics.
After its implementation, Finacle received positive feedback from its customers and numerous sign-ups for a course focusing on troubleshooting and conceptual topics.

Axonify LMS

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Axonify LMS, a microlearning platform provides customers with a personalized, continuous, and gamified experience. Like the others, Axonify features points, badges, levels, and leaderboards. However, it provides flexibility in the waypoints are procured. In Axonify, organizations can link their employee performance to existing or new rewards program.
Walmart, the American Retail MNC, wanted to educate its employees on safety to reduce the number of safety-related accidents in Walmart Logistic locations. To this end, it implemented Axonify in over 150 distribution centres for more than 75,000 employees.
The LMS contained a repository of received daily FAQ’s on safety topics and on-the-job behaviour. This resulted in recordable accidents decreasing by 54% during its initial launch. Employee knowledge regarding safety increased by 15%.


There are other LMS applications in the market like Litmos LMS, Accord LMS, ExpertusONE, and Matrix LMS. However, we have specially chosen the above five, not just because they all offer the best gamification features, but also because they truly understand the needs of the modern-day learner, and are flexible to the ever-changing technological landscape.

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