echo3education Ltd

Echo3education is an online training course content provider based out of Scotland, the U.K. They provide some of the best course content specifically in the Health and Safety Training domain.

Online reviews about their course content vouch for their expertise in the domain.

Alex is the founder of Echo3education, a highly approachable and passionate person who loves to make a difference from their courses.

They too provide custom courses so certainly give them a try to learn the difference they make with their work.

Echo3education is powered by Edwiser Bridge and its extensions and we are happy to support their ambitions.


Here is what they had to say about Edwiser Bridge and extensions,

Edwiser Bridge provides us with a seamless link between the flexibility offered by WordPress product pages and Moodle LMS.  We can also deploy courses quickly and custom the plugin to our own specific requirements.  Helping to ensure our clients get a great all-round training experience.


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