Which LMS is better- Moodle or Edmodo?

Which LMS is better- Moodle or Edmodo?
November 13, 2017 Rucha Gotarkar
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Moodle v/s Edmodo

moodle vs edmodo
Coming back to our series of LMS comparisons, we are testing Moodle versus Edmodo today. To start with, choosing between Edmodo and Moodle is really difficult. Where one LMS lacks, the other claims to have expertise in.
We’re going to assess both these systems based on how convenient they are for the three roles: Admin, Teacher and Student.

For the Admin



  • Edmodo is strictly a cloud-based hosting solution
  • Moodle has an on-premise solution as well an option for cloud based hosting called MoodleCloud


Expenses incurred

  • Edmodo is relatively less pricey except for the premium plan, which only entails if you need it. Otherwise, the basic plan is loaded with features and you will not have to look beyond it in most cases.
  • Moodle is Open-source, but you need to consider its maintenance and set up costs as well.



  • Edmodo fits as the perfect LMS for primary and secondary high schools. However, it will not suit the needs of businesses.
  • Moodle, with its robust architecture can be used for educational institutes as well as small businesses.


For the Teacher

Course Content Authoring

  • Edmodo does not allow to create your own courses or curriculum, but it does support using content from existent libraries for lessons, plans and tests.
  • Moodle lets teachers and administrators build the curriculum as they like.


SCORM Compliance


  • Edmodo is not SCORM compliant so the use of Multimedia content becomes a time-consuming affair.
  • Moodle is completely SCORM compliant and supports a variety of plugins that create SCORM content.


For the Student



  • Edmodo is set up like a social media platform, with a constantly updating feed and socialising icons.
  • Moodle has a more professional look built on a modular design.


Number of Users

  • Edmodo has no limitation over the number of users. This talks a lot about its scalability.
  • This is where Moodle falls back. It can only accommodate 500 users on one site.


Integration with other Apps

  • Edmodo only integrates with Google apps and Microsoft Office. If you have a premium plan, you will also get ready integration with SiS.
  • Moodle, however, is friendly with many third-party applications and plugins.


Help & Support
moodle versus edmodo


  • Edmodo has a dedicated help centre for teachers, parents and students. You can also submit questions, queries and troubleshoot for solutions with other Edmodo users.
  • Moodle, on the other hand, has a stronghold community where Moodlers discuss, debate and search for answers to their issues. Moodle also holds yearly conferences called MoodleMoots where eminent contributors talk about the future of Moodle and eLearning in general.


Winding-up the Debate


  1. While Edmodo suits best for school-level institutes, Moodle is more apt for university-level.
  2. Both of them can be hosted on a cloud and will incur more or less the same expenses regardless of one being paid and the other being an Open-Source software.
  3. Both Edmodo and Moodle have a dedicated system for discussing and questioning.



The Verdict



Actually, we are not going to give a verdict on this one because both LMS have an equal share of pros and cons. Moodle and Edmodo, both, have different specialities which can not be compared on the same page.

Therefore, you need to realise your training requirements before choosing an LMS for your organisation, and only then, decide to invest.

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