Top Bootstrap Themes for Moodle

16 Best Bootstrap Themes for Moodle™ [Paid + Free]

Moodle™ is by far one of the most stable & feature-rich platforms when it comes to building a good e-Learning program.  It’s the most-used open-source LMS in the post-pandemic world of virtual learning


Moodle’s codebase is huge and is seldom pruned, meaning attempted to modify. This eventually explains its complexity to revamp or customize without any knowledge of coding involving HTML/CSS. 

So, given how vast and complex to customize Moodle is, having a Bootstrap-based theme for Moodle makes sense. And trust me, designing your Moodle site becomes way simpler with a Bootstrap-supported template or theme. 

Top benefits you’d get are responsive layouts, custom form elements, typography, JavaScript interaction, cross-browser compatibility and so on in relatively less time and effort. 

What is Bootstrap?
It’s a free, open-source framework that can come to your rescue for customization. It has a blueprint with CSS- and JavaScript-based design templates for typography, forms, buttons, navigation, and other interface components to make web design responsive and much simpler

So let’s get to know the best paid as well as free bootstrap themes for Moodle according to the growing demand in the marketplace.

Best Paid Bootstrap themes for Moodle™

#1 Edwiser RemUI 

Edwiser RemUI is specially crafted for moodlers who want to own their design with a highly flexible User Interface.  The features and functionality are built by carefully considering all the various use cases and the issues faced by moodlers on a regular basis. 

The aim of the theme is to make Moodle simple and professional. And solve the design issues smartly (no coding)  

One of the best features of this theme is the LIVE customizer as it makes design modifications in Moodle super-simple and you can do it on-the-go. 

Edwiser RemUI focuses on being user-friendly to all its users – Students, teachers as well as admins. So, your experience as a teacher, the ease of settings for the admin and the  user experience of your learners are always a priority.  

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Here are the features you’re probably looking for:

Key features 

  • Simplified user-friendly interface
  • Quick user enrollment
  • Live option to customize.
  • Focus-mode for distraction-free learning 

Why not check this out with a quick demo? Here you go.

Link to pricing: EdwiserRemUI 

#2 Lambda

This theme is a multi-page website template with all the essential subpages you may need for your site. Yellow is the primary color scheme of the template and the color is handled with nuance so that it does not look too bright. 

4Ef1bFVZ XYCbK8Li DMfQ8VJokxJo5QhMpW9Hs6fUCCkAWoTkIqDKZK5tu60DP4QnTbee8add3dpnILX0uC9sHG8fmk2P65D9OZQkvX pXWgI3 H9fMkw AIcA2FOg3SRfN9L8O

Key features:

  • Fully responsive
  • Bootstrap components
  • Theme options
  • Font awesome
  • Multi-Language

Why not check this out with a quick demo? Here you go.

Link to pricing: Lambda

#3 Edumy

This is for those who would like to carve a niche learning platform. And the generic platform themes are also available. You can check this too for a basic yet vibrant theme!

8ILB2T3UIG9JKsgLZLkyNxw0bJziuVGdUB4couMuAZuOwRpiJHRpFSO4BQwu39j 10UqaGCaF9x6i x8fRHQsc5ri3fuQODK98lBKqTXJIASE

Key features:

  • Fully responsive
  • Custom dashboard
  • 60+ custom blocks
  • Retina ready

Why not check this out with a quick demo? Here you go.

Link to pricing: Edumy

#4 New Learning

The New Learning has templates to give a professional look and feel to the user interface. The visual is clean and sleek in most of its templates. See its premium moodle theme at the store.

yh1mLaL4RQqHNhITwut75O1sOqrUQQi73DBDKH tt9P5vlB3g3vUm4PIbQ 0n0XMObCZVkGqojUFfFIafNHScDgDyrT8I5 nbbEg KDmeI VWbI8L0NGvOsMiQ07T3pZXX4LIFl

Key features:

  • Custom Login page
  • Loading screen
  • Page class
  • Course formats

Why not check this out with a quick demo? Here you go.

Link to pricing: New Learning

#5 Space

Space manifests a simple, yet modern design that will catch user’s attention quickly. You can use it to offer an impactful experience with some details about your course content. Here you go.y1x9wXN74NKaW6DIQxpIKywDiejrq9OkreEfxnxEAphmKx 1LbzcGmGnILTDs4aBD

Key features:

  • Fully responsive
  • Easy to customize
  • Multi-Language
  • 5 Top Bar styles

Why not check this out with a quick demo? Here you go.

Link to pricing: Space

#6 Klassroom

Klassroom wants to pretty much create a second home feel for learners. When you start working with Klassroom, your web platform is just some steps away. And it’s okay if you’re not a web developer who is a pro. 

RpdPAu0sRsiUjHfENjiKkF3pcQa4W9Mnco7hC7n9UTCS3OFlZkIKTi uEs8ywSq yzw4 I8yFwbS5eS TPT3ogHhG3WtRvvtWZMWF01u4KI4rKKoaCWaKN3Zb 8h oIIrvsknu9T

Key features:

  • Predefined Color Skins
  • Support All Custom Plugins
  • Unlimited Colors
  • Responsive design

Why not check this out with a quick demo? Here you go.

Link to pricing: Klassroom

#7 Academi

Academi is a simplified moodle bootstrap theme with some white space. It has easy navigation with a simple course page. 

wtLUL UcvEoNWQowUL FLne2j6Y8r0aDw3Y cbgA3Ed0ieq DTDg3lbmhQt UVQAFuzTR 4lPNqITAM1QJG7Ob837cZ9Wclq438lkcxNLQKEFHvq1gG8a5wvP9 m7Xtve6eS05AX

Key features:

  • Dual login page
  • Unlimited color options
  • Fully customizable
  • Responsive design

Why not check this out with a quick demo? Here you go.

Link to pricing: Academic

#8 Trending

Trending’s homepage design has some essential web elements to promote your courses. The logical design of its template helps the user to get an overview of the courses you offer and their content.X SxphNvapc1Z0s6umoOlcbqb5jjZVb7FuZZ6LOQAgGYL8WcsJWowBDi4wecfS lSFcOz4x7lftW6uR0j1W yfW3nJaU81KAslr iPqYV4FA nHIKJsIWleSYvzDSqCVsasVLuNn

Key features:

  • Clean and responsive design
  • RTL Compatible
  • Multi-language compatible
  • Highly customized UI 

Why not check this out with a quick demo? Here you go.

Link to pricing: Trending

#9 Cognitio

Cognitio has rich site templates with good images. The images can be used to represent your courses. The vivid course labels substitute the classic style of the template. See the premium cognitio.

OCQMbrgwL CYTNUOXJSeah1Wo1we6Q dvDtl2w3YM1A2dqjyzuzlfMEeRy6wWKWH0uiJeq lEIsNYnm9cw4108lRHkGUSg01oh0wX3dXttMDM5I SZK2AUMOj362gsmBB6A6J7PC

Key features:

  • Custom login page
  • Loading screen
  • User notices
  • Course formats

Why not check this out with a quick demo? Here you go

Link to pricing: Cognitio

#10 Alpha

Alpha is compatible with all devices, retina screens, and web browsers. It is built for all kinds of organizations like a workplace, school, or a university. The performance is also great but only with the premium version.

azmDjmCCUu0qbNulN1XYntMWa fSFML CQlHzPJ97 Lk 4T9VtCNEtSRpucAykRVzmvfreQdhnpOsjHLTBmmrbUa39wgIFR5EbGg

Key features:

  • 12 FrontPage Blocks
  • Simple Front Page Builder
  • Compatible with popular Moodle plugins
  • Fully responsive layout
  • Ready multilingual website

Why not check this out with a quick demo? Here you go.

Link to pricing: Alpha

#11 School

As the name implies, it is for schools and also colleges. The home page has a good effect and the green color scheme gives a ‘growth’ feeling. It has limited features but you can unlock more templates with the premium version.


Key features:

  • login page with image customization
  • Theme customization
  • Five color schemes 
  • Bootstrap Framework
  • Responsive and clean design 

Why not check this out with a quick demo? Here you go.

Link to pricing: School

#12 LearningZone

The homepage of the Learning zone consists of all the web elements to present your e-learning courses. This template is from the same author as the Trending theme mentioned above in the list. It has a transparent orange theme and the price is low.

8nKnc1NOJiyGJA1x8gorkqVWkSrTyK8lMcDnO7bAYjwWyLLbVyACNAB 8V2yRLgbsmPobWjp n9KJX3UxjAAJiQf 81dB1StcNSgtH SBsYpCir355Sfmy42mfEdCDCMcJlmp5r

Key features:

  • Fully responsive
  • Frontpage banner
  • Theme settings
  • Quick links
  • Social media

Why not check this out with a quick demo? Here you go.

Link to pricing: LearningZone

Best Free Bootstrap themes for Moodle

#1 Adaptable 

Adaptable is a one-page template and manifests all the Moodle features on its homepage. The emerald color scheme and its full-width design template make it look like a professional theme. 

The flash notification bar like the ones on news websites is a unique feature of this theme. 

And this free template is built only on the Moodle platform so you get all the default Moodle features with this theme.

QpMwkw6JpzpiEQOTFuAyRyL41RV7nI QoeI xaQzuHeNTu3dDgMCQ P2CVJlBLkdZh12lkEv1b8A8BO6BuLhnD OBHXtAaFcsK3 i 9QnqLMGJ4FZ5UtEF2z Sc Cfto8Elm1DAf

Key features

  • Custom menu
  • Color schemes
  • Course list
  • Frontpage
  • Responsive

#2 Academi

Academi is a holistic learning management website template that is available for free.

The design looks quite outdated but it has all the important web elements placed in the right places! 

It has some of the premium Moodle Bootstrap templates but the features can be limited:

Key features:

  • Image slider with text in the header section
  • User login and registration page
  • Language customization
  • Calendar
prD6cnPX8Gi 6L53Q C6IvIyKQBzTdRkdxVjQE2CY6Gbdj7 eydm jjGcTm8nj5gA8 6j5tbULk63Wg3P1uy6hWcIbojFdFgzWsPBjZkA3dQYpVEcNAxd9M5rIilRE c8pGdbkM

#3 Eguru

With Eguru, you can display your courses and the educational services you provide. This template lacks conversion-focused elements or let’s say fancy elements. It is a simple Moodle bootstrap template with a rosy color scheme. 

Key features:

  • Image slider. 
  • Couse links
  • Course navigation
  • Responsive and compatible
  • Supports multiple languages
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#4 Snap

Snap looks like a professional Moodle Bootstrap template and it is available for free. With its trendy colors and full-width design, this theme snaps to compete with the latest websites. Unfortunately, there is some restriction in the user interface. 

The template is too simple for many latest HTML website designs. Perhaps, you’d like to know the features:

Key features:

  • Image slider
  • Course sections
  • Feature icons 
  • Elegant look 
  • Easy navigation

Final words

Well, that’s a wrap!

So, I hope you got an insight into some of the top free and premium bootstrap Moodle templates. 

You can go for the one you like the most according to your budget. But remember the features and your e-learning needs. And choose the one that best matches your requirements.

I’d suggest you dedicate some quality time to assess the demo or try the free trial of the themes on your consideration list. It could be helpful in making the right decision!

What do you think about the Moodle Bootstrap templates I recommended? Let me know your thoughts and concerns in the comments below.

In case, you need a more compact list of themes to start with, here are some good options:

Edwiser RemUI (PAID) – known for its professional design that’s made Moodle simpler to use,  has a live customizer, and offers a free trial with prompt customer service
Lambda (PAID) – known for its modern design and flexible color customizations
Adaptable (FREE) – Good features and settings that can be adjusted to suit multiple learning environments

And of course, if you have any questions or feedback, hit me up at [email protected]

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