LMS.org’s Review of Edwiser RemUI


If there’s a theme that’s taken the Moodle world by storm – it’s Edwiser RemUI. Within a couple of months of its launch, we’ve got over 500 inquiries and over 200 happy customers.

Last week LMS.org called Edwiser RemUI “a UI game changer for Moodle” in its detailed review of the theme.

We wanted to share with you a few highlights from LMS.org’s views of our product. Here goes!

Edwiser RemUI Gives Moodle a User-Friendly Makeover

Edwiser RemUI is a Moodle theme that caters to the needs of the user. The vanilla version of Moodle is functional, but it isn’t as smooth and intuitive as it could be. Edwiser RemUI was designed to change all that by creating an environment that streamlines activities, improves navigability and adds modern visual appeal to this open source LMS.

While covering the theme’s features in detail, LMS.org says that “Edwiser RemUI has a lot to offer both new and seasoned Moodle users”. It then goes on to share it’s opinion on the product’s appearance and functionality.

Simplify Moodle LMS with Edwiser RemUI

Edwiser RemUI is a theme built with the user in mind, and it really shows. The visual elements are very appealing and add a much needed modern touch to the system. The design is practical because it presents features and data in a simplified way that can improve productivity. The user can easily gain insight with graphical widgets or find the tools they need with Edwiser RemUI’s smart layout. Users can also further customize the experience by choosing different fonts and colors, changing the front page display or by applying a logo.

Change the Way You Use Moodle LMS with Edwiser RemUI

The Edwiser RemUI Moodle theme is highly versatile and offers versatility in an interface that’s customizable and responsive. While Moodle is a good tool as it is, Edwiser RemUI makes it even better with improved aesthetics and a user-friendly design. The theme caters to all user types and adds another layer of personalization to this popular open source LMS.

That was the gist.

We encourage you to checkout the complete review and leave your own ratings, if you are one of our esteemed users. If not, test out the theme for yourself and let us know your thoughts.

Moodle’s evolving to its finest form, do you want to be left behind?! 🙂

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