Fully Utilize Edwiser Bridge to Enhance Your Business

We know Edwiser Bridge allows you to sell Moodle™ courses on WordPress. Edwiser Bridge is a one-click WordPress – Moodle Integration.

But Moodle offers a lot of features that aren’t present in WordPress. For example, in Moodle, you have an in-built feature to set a start and expiry date for the courses you provide. Now, with Edwiser Bridge students are going to purchase the courses from your WordPress site. 

Naturally, all your payments come into WordPress and you constantly need to monitor the date of purchase to allow access to the course and then revoke it at the right time. Juggling between 2 websites can be a daunting task.

What if we say, Edwiser Bridge’s latest update solves this problem for you. No longer do you have to manually manage any of this. We’ve made sure you have a more pleasant course management experience.

Course Expiry Access Feature

Let’s say out of a set of courses, you want to provide access to a particular course for a limited period of time – 90 days. But since all students don’t take up the course at the same time, you can’t set a specific date of expiry. You need to expire the course after a certain duration. How does that work? 

  • You’ve created a course and set the expiry date to 90 days
  • Student purchases the course (let’s say on Day #1)
  • Student gets enrolled in the course and can access it
  • After 90 days (Day #90), the student gets automatically unenrolled from the course and can no longer access it

Let’s see what this means when the user logs in to Moodle: 

  1. The course will not be accessible to him/her. 
  2. He/she will still have access to WordPress and Moodle accounts.
  3. However, they will be unenrolled from the course on both ends. 

The course will not expire from the Course page on WordPress after the user is unenrolled. 

This feature can be used in many applications. For example, if you’re running a university and students are enrolling for fall admissions. You can give them access to specific courses for the academic year. These courses should expire when they complete the year. You can set the expiry date for these courses as 365 days from access. Now, from the day the student starts accessing the course until 365 days are complete, he/she will have complete access to the course. Once it expires, the student will automatically get unenrolled from the course and will not be able to access it any further. 

In this way, when the academic year ends, the course access from the specific students will be automatically removed. This access cannot be passed on to anyone else after 365 days.

How to set the expiry date of courses in Edwiser Bridge?

Edwiser Bridge extension provides you an option to set the expiry date in WordPress backend under the Edwiser Bridge tab –> ‘Courses’.

When you check the ‘Expire Access’ option, you can set the ‘Expire Access After (days)’ field with the number of days the course will be available for post-enrollment.

Is there an option to suspend rather than unenroll the users after course access expires?


Although this option isn’t present in Edwiser Bridge directly, you can use the WooCommerce Integration and WooCommerce Subscriptions to implement this. WooCommerce Subscriptions has the option to unenroll or suspend a student after they overshoot the expiry date. 

Let’s see how that works using another example

Say, for example, a student enrolled in a course that has 10 quizzes but was able to complete only 6 before the course expired. The student will not have access to the course. But if you use the suspend option rather than unenroll, the student will remain suspended only till he/she renews the course by making further payment. After that, he will have access again and can continue with the remaining 4 quizzes.

The advantage of this is that the student can pick up from where they left off. Making for a better interaction experience on your Moodle website.

Once you have WooCommerce & WooCommerce Subscriptions, you can decide, in the backend, whether to unenroll or to suspend the user after he/she crosses the expiry date. 

Renewal payments can be managed using WooCommerce Subscriptions too.

Over to you

Whether it is setting up course expiry access or suspending courses the latest update of Edwiser Bridge does even better to provide you with seamless WordPress & Moodle management. 

You can make the best use of this feature by updating the plugin right away. But if you have any other specific queries, you can just ask us in the comments section below, and we’ll try our best to help you! 🙂