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Five Problems in your LMS that Students are Facing Right Now

Your LMS is up, students are rolling in and buying courses to study from. How do you ensure the engagement of these students?

Students who take the step of enrolling in an online course are expecting something better than an offline classroom; for instance, the ease of accessibility. A learner does not have to be physically present in the class to go through the course- all they have to do is switch on their device and start.

Where most LMSs go wrong is they fail to provide a wholesome learning experience to students. To get rid of these practices you will first need to administer the Five Major Problems that Students Face while using your LMS.

1. No Tracking Feature for Course Completion

Most students are enrolled in more courses than one and they complete each course according to their own preferences. When the number of courses increases, it becomes harder for the student to manage between multiple courses. If your LMS lacks a tracking feature which tells how much of the course a student is done with (whether in percentage or a bar), then your student might find it chaotic to manage all the courses at once.


You can instantly check how much you are done with the course

2. Mismanagement of Tasks and Activities

Now, to successfully complete a course, a student has to accomplish a certain number of tasks and activities before being competent in it. With multiple courses and more activities than that, a student is bound to be caught in a web of incomplete tasks. Your LMS is going wrong if there are no priority-based reminders for the student to look at.

3. A Clustered Dashboard

If your dashboard boasts of unnecessary details and information it will be distracting for a person who is focused on completing their courses. A clustered dashboard is big NO for an LMS that wants to give a positive learning environment to its students. Data that isn’t required must be concealed or neatly organized to improve the quality of learning.

In the image above, the clear winner in terms of clarity is the dashboard on the right.

4. No Statistical Analysis

If there are courses, there are going to be tests and tasks to be dealt with. Without a statistical feedback your students will find it difficult to analyse how well they are faring in the courses. Every LMS must provide a comparative study of the student’s journey through the courses (or an employee’s journey through their training modules).

statistical analysis

5. Non-Competitive Courses

competitive analysis

Apart from keeping a track of one’s own scores, it is important to know how other learners following the same course are doing. This is an encouraging factor as it makes a student perform better when faced with competitors. Even if a student does not personally know their peers, knowing where you stand near the average score has a positive impact on the learner’s mind.



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