remui 3.4.1

Say hello to the first update of RemUI in 2018 – Welcome RemUI v3.4.1

RemUI 3.4.1

This Spring, welcome a renewed RemUI.

We have broken our heads, broken sweats, broken deadlines in the last few months- but what we didn’t break is the promise of delivering an update worth all the while.

It is loaded with cool new features and tweaks based on the feedback we received from people who’ve been using the theme. We also repaired and mended all those tiny glitches that were bothersome to you (because nobody likes errors, right?).

Yes, this update has been long due but we were making sure you upgrade to a flawless RemUI 3.4.1. The wait is over, folks.


Unwrap the following features with RemUI –


Attractive Cover Pictures for your Courses


Adorn your courses with a cover image that best defines the course.

    • The cover picture that appears in the General Section- Course Summary block, can now be changed to a picture of your choice
    • It does not have to be the same as the image you upload for the Course Archive page
    • Cover images will be the first impression that you give, so it can be utilised to your advantage to set the tone for the course.
    • If you do not choose any image for the General section, it will automatically select the course image that you have previously uploaded for the ‘My Courses’ block

Note: Make sure you add high-res images and ones that have a suitable size.

Course summary

course summary

Formatted text for Course Summary

It’s really annoying if you can not format text where you need to, ain’t it? Don’t worry, we have removed that hassle for you.

  • In the “General” section of a single course page, edit and format the text used for summarising the course
  • Now you can colour-code it along with the cover image, or correlate it with your institute’s brand colours!
  • If the image in the background is light, use a darker font, and use a light font for a dark cover image.
  • Depending on the course, you may choose a typeface that goes with it. A stoic, sharp typeface suits a professional course while a round, curvy typeface suits an easy, beginner level course.


“Head to top” shortcut on every page

Being a part of an institute involves tonnes of courses, multiple course levels and hundreds of activities and quizzes on Moodle. Often after scrolling down, you may need to go all the way to the top, but it’s simply too tedious a chore to scroll up. We have an answer to this trouble-

  • The “Head to Top” shortcut comes as a relief to the rigorous and time-consuming scrolling efforts you put in on some pages
  • Save time by directly clicking on the “Head to Top” button which appears as a sticky icon on the bottom right of your page.

Speed Menu

We realised, clicking on “Back” more than once is a highly inefficient process, when you want to visit a course you recently left. It is slow because it loads every page from scratch, that means it loads all over again like a new page.

Say goodbye to sloth with the new Speed Menu!

  • The speed menu allows you to see the last five courses you were learning from.
  • It saves time because those pages are saved in your cookies and load quickly
  • It resembles the app widget that every smartphone has, nowadays
  • These appear under the “Recent” tab placed on the top left side of the screen.
  • The list updates every time you click on a new course

Speed menu


Social login

On popular demand, we now have the much-needed Social Login on RemUI.

  • Now you can use your Facebook, Microsoft or Google login credentials to log into your Moodle
  • Social login saves time and removes the need to create multiple usernames and passwords.

social login

Tweaks 3.4.1

Things we improved upon after the last update.

Unified “My Courses” and “Course Archive” pages

  • We have clubbed “My Courses” and “Course Archive” page together because they served a common function
  • The position of the company logo and icon can be shifted to the sidebar which contains Login fields on the Login Page. 

Course Short Names to the rescue

  • Moodle by default provides short names for courses
  • RemUI did what was required and now displays short names even in filters
  • Now anyone can search or sort a course in Course Archive page and My Courses page using the short names

course short name

Some awesome Font Awesome-ness

  • RemUI has completely adopted Font Awesome icons, enjoy some quirky and suave icons throughout the theme


With a great theme, comes a complex code.

And a complex code brings with it several issues, albeit tiny. But we’re always working on it, striving to achieve perfection. These are few of the major pressing errors we dealt with in this update. For a detailed list, you can head to the documentation for RemUI 3.4.1.


Here’s what we fixed-

  1. “Manage Subscription” in the calendar block does not display an error message now
  2. If a user logs in as a guest, they won’t be able to see Activity completion status
  3. Users can no longer edit their first and last name in the “Edit Profile” page
  4. In RemUI homepage settings, two sections displayed the same title “Body title for 1st Section”. It is now called “Front page- About Us”

remui homepage settings

Keep a lookout

We won’t make you wait a lot for the next update, hence keep a check on your inbox and on-site notifications.

Join Us on Facebook

Meanwhile, you can check out our group on Facebook, ‘Moodle Tips & Tricks’ – the name says it all. We’d love it if you impart some of your Moodle wisdom and contribute to the treasure trove of tips and tricks!

Installation guide:

  1. Login to Edwiser
  2. Head to “My Account
  3. Click on “View details and downloads” associated with RemUI Purchase
  4. On the new page, you will find the link to Download RemUI 3.4.1.
  5. Head to your Moodle website
  6. Go to “Plugins”
  7. Click on “Install Plugins”
  8. Choose the update RemUI file that you have just downloaded.

Tada! You have successfully installed the new version. 😀


17 thoughts on “Say hello to the first update of RemUI in 2018 – Welcome RemUI v3.4.1”

  1. Avatar of Gabriel Mazin
    Gabriel Mazin

    Great. You could make a REMui for the mobile version of moodle. Surely thousands of people are waiting for this and you would innovate by selling the theme.

  2. Avatar of Marcos

    Great news, congratulations.
    The other versions of RemUI, have you also received updates like 3.3.4, or just 3.4?

    Regards and thanks for responding.

  3. Avatar of Erwin

    Can we use theme v3.4.1 for Moodle 3.3.x. We still don’t want to migrate to Moodle 3.4.x or the next 3.5 in this year. We are waiting several plugins we used being updated by the maintainer for 3.4 or above.
    But unluckyly, your theme only reach 3.4.

  4. Avatar of Hamilton

    Awesome update! I am extremely satisfy concerning the new GUI. In addition, I am pleased with the new menu which improves the navigation and provides more options to access the courses. Furthermore, I love the new social media login options including the new cover picture for the courses.

  5. Avatar of mahmoud ashraf
    mahmoud ashraf

    i have an issue
    after upgrading , when i’m not logged in -> courses page appear all courses in one column
    please advice

    1. Avatar of Rucha Gotarkar
      Rucha Gotarkar

      We’ll be providing a hot fix for this issue, and it’ll be available on the website soon.
      Thank-you for writing to us!

  6. Avatar of Steve Radford
    Steve Radford

    Any chance you could update your ‘Installation Guide’ instructions? The instructions you have provided above explain how to download the theme files, but not how to update the theme in Moodle.

  7. Avatar of Jordi Cassi

    We have installed new update 3.4.1 but we don’t have any new features enabled.
    How we could enable new features?


    1. Avatar of Rucha Gotarkar
      Rucha Gotarkar

      Some of the new features are already enabled and the rest you will need to manually enable in “RemUI General Settings”.

    1. Avatar of Rucha Gotarkar
      Rucha Gotarkar

      There are new strings available in the new language file and therefore you need to update your current language file with the new strings.

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