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Moodle 3.7 Compatible Edwiser RemUI With Homepage Builder

After much rescheduling of the update launch, Moodle 3.7 Update was finally released on the 20th of May.

In a dedicated launch article, we compiled and talked about everything that is new in Moodle 3.7! In case you couldn’t yet read it, here’s a picture that summarizes it for you.

Moodle 3.7 Overview - Edwiser

With the Moodle 3.7 Update now out, and so much to offer, you might have wondered…

What’s Cooking, with Edwiser RemUI?

Not to worry, we didn’t fall behind. We just wanted to make sure that your favorite Moodle theme Edwiser RemUI is not just packed with upgrades, but also completely compatible with Moodle 3.7!

Here’s what is New for you, with Edwiser RemUI 3.7.0!

#1 Introducing World’s 1st Homepage Builder for Moodle

Perhaps the hottest topic out there, the Beta release of the World’s 1st Homepage Builder for Moodle, has been a delight for the lifetime license holders of Edwiser RemUI.

Not only have our patrons welcomed this revolutionary solution on our Facebook community, but we’ve also received some love for Edwiser RemUI Homepage Builder on our mail.

Appreciation for Edwiser RemUI Homepage Builder

Ahh, I know, I know.

Edwiser RemUI Homepage Builder

Time for me to put my head down, and to tell you what this Homepage Builder is all about.

All this time, while we were coming up with updates and keeping your inputs in mind, we realized how important-a-need a homepage builder is for Moodle. So we decided, with Moodle 3.7 coming up, why not introduce the World’s 1st Homepage Builder for Moodle, along with our update.

With this homepage builder, you’ll now be able to design your dream homepage, that too in a Snap! The best part about this homepage builder is the fact that you don’t need any coding to design your homepage.

Now that saves you the frustration. What about the time?

Edwiser RemUI Homepage Builder comes with ready-to-use templates as well as elements, with complete control over customization. What this means is that there are simply no boundaries to your imagination when it comes to your Moodle site’s homepage.

Wondering how? Have a look at a video we’ve prepared for you!

Okay, That’s Amazing! What Else?

With the latest update of Edwiser RemUI, here’s what you get, in addition to the Homepage Builder!

#2 New Dashboard Blocks

Edwiser RemUI now comes with two new dashboard blocks.

#2.1 Manage Courses

Created specifically for Teachers & Course Creators, only those courses will be listed in this block, where the role of the logged-in user is that of a teacher.

From this block, teachers and course creators will be able to perform multiple actions in lesser time using quick links. This will not just make things easier, but also save teachers a lot of time!

  1. Add Participants,
  2. Access Grader Report,
  3. Access Activity Report,
  4. Edit Course,
  5. Course Report

The Course Report will now contain the following details:

  1. Enrolled User Stats (inside course page)
  2. List of Students dropping off from the course along with an option to download their details in CSV format.

By having access to the above stats, teachers will be able to keep a better track of their student’s performance, and also monitor students that might need extra help.

#2.2 To Do List

This block has been specifically created for Teachers, Course Creators, Managers & Students. In this block, users will now be able to create their own tasks. Further, they will also be able to assign it to others, if there is a need.

This will help in effective utilization of time, for teachers, course creators, managers as well as students. Moreover, this will also ensure that you don’t miss out on anything that’s important!

#3 New Course Archive Page Layout

Course Archive is a page that is frequented by all, be it a teacher, admin or a student! In this update, we’ve revamped the Course Archive page.

In addition to making it more functional, we’ve also beautified your course archive page by making it more dynamic and minimalistic.

This update onwards, you can choose to display the course cards using the new layout. Originally in a partially-hidden state, course info will appear as soon as you hover your mouse over any course card.

In this update, you’ll be able to paginate your course archive page, instead of continuously clicking on the “Load More” button.

Edwiser RemUI Theme for Moodle 3.7

Further, you can also decide the number of courses to be displayed on one page, from a choice of 4-each, 8-each, and 12-each.

To add to the cool factor of your Moodle site, we’ve also added animations to your course archive page. You can choose how the cards will appear on the course archive page. Have them fly in from the top or sliding from the left, among many other choices! 😀

Edwiser RemUI Theme for Moodle 3.7

The search bar and search options for finding the course you’re looking for has been enhanced in this update.

Note: Along with the Edwiser RemUI update for Moodle 3.7, Edwiser RemUI has also been updated for Moodle 3.6 users. You can update your Edwiser RemUI by downloading the respective file from your My Account Page. For a smooth update experience, follow the steps given in this documentation

Moodle Version Number Edwiser RemUI 1

Umm, and what about Moodle 3.5? Well…We’re still working on refining and upgrading the Moodle 3.5 version of Edwiser RemUI, and it’ll be going LIVE separately on the 27th of May.

Wrapping Up

This update of Edwiser RemUI is one which we would like to dedicate to all you amazing teachers out there! Without you, learning is the way it is.

With this update, we’ve tried our best to make your Moodle experience a lot more comfortable and complete. As for admins, the revolutionary inclusion of Edwiser RemUI Homepage Builder must certainly be what stands out in the All-New Edwiser RemUI.

We’re all ears for anything and everything that you would like to see in the future, in Edwiser RemUI. We would love to hear from you!

Until next time, here’s wishing you many more amazing experiences with Edwiser RemUI.

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5 thoughts on “Moodle 3.7 Compatible Edwiser RemUI With Homepage Builder”

  1. Avatar of Bernd Krause

    Hi Adarsh Singh!

    Very good Work!!
    … i guess, you forgot the links above for the documentation of the update process….
    “For a smooth update experience, follow the steps given in this documentation. ”


  2. Avatar of Patrick Ross

    Hi guys,
    after installing the new update, I get a error message “Exception – Call to undefined method flat_navigation::get_collectionlabel()” everytime I try to start moodle. Do you have any idea what package is missing or not uptodate?


    1. Avatar of Adarsh Singh

      Hi Patrick.

      This shouldn’t have happened. Could you please share with me your Moodle version number and Edwiser RemUI version number? I’ll have this looked into. 🙂

  3. Avatar of Estuardo Salazar

    Hey I am getting the same error as patrick.
    I get the same Exception – Call to undefined method flat_navigation::get_collectionlabel()” error everytime I try to start moodle. Do you have any idea what package is missing or not up to date?

    Moodle version 3.6.6
    Edwiser version 3.7.3

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