7 Lesser Known Edwiser RemUI Features You Should Be Using

Being a user of the Edwiser RemUI theme, you will be familiar with its basic features. But then we bet, there are a few hidden features that might surprise you.

These aren’t your average run-of-the-mill Moodle theme features. They help you speed up interaction and improve communication, to take your Moodle experience from good to kickass.

Ready to explore. Here are some lesser-known features within the Edwiser RemUI theme to take Moodle to the next level.

Note: These features are part of Edwiser RemUI theme for Moodle versions 3.5, 3.6 and 3.7

#1 Course Edit Shortcut

As we know, the course edit button by default is inside the gear icon on the Single Course page. The teacher or manager needs to navigate inside the settings every single time to configure activities or make changes to the course. Edwiser RemUI offers a quick-access shortcut, directly added on the Single Course page now, to save your time.

edwiser remui course shortcut

#2 Site-Wide Announcements for all Users

Want to broadcast a message in your Moodle site for all users? The theme presents 4 varied types of announcements, with different colored banners to indicate the type of announcement being made.

  • Information announcement – A subtle blue color banner that doesn’t raise an alarm but lets users know of some information. Use this to advertise upcoming courses or a sale on your site, or even to share an update to your policies.
  • Success announcement – Synonymous with victory, a green color banner can be used to broadcast good news. Such a banner is apt when sharing your own or a student’s success stories.
  • Warning announcement – An orange color banner can be used to indicate a warning. It’s not as bright as red and draws attention without triggering urgency. Warnings could be used to let users know of important updates such as course expiry or a change in an event. 
  • Urgent announcement – As expected, a red banner is provided to share an urgent or critical announcement. This could be about change in operations or security concerns.

#3 In-house Dictionary Feature

Don’t know the meaning of a word? All you have to do is activate the in-house dictionary. Simply go to Edwiser RemUI’s General Settings > Enable Dictionary. Then by just selecting a word on your Moodle site, you’ll be able to find out the meaning within seconds. 

#4 Course Stats Feature

For an administrator, a teacher or a manager on Moodle, there’s a feature that shows you Course-related statistics on the Single Course page. These statistics will surely help you gauge how far along your students have come with a course:

  • Enrolled Students: Shows the total students enrolled for the course.
  • Students Completed: Shows the total students who have completed the course in Moodle.
  • In Progress: Shows the total students working on the course currently, but yet to complete it.
  • Yet to Start: Shows the total students yet to start an activity in the enrolled course.

Screenshot 4

#5 Recent Course

Had you taken a break during your assigned course and want a link to navigate back directly? This feature of Edwiser RemUI lets you view/check courses you have recently accessed. Just click on the ‘recent’ dropdown menu in the header tab, you will see the recently accessed courses.

Screenshot 5

#6 Course Animation

Let’s lighten up your Course Archive Page by adding animation features that changes how courses are displayed. Choose from a variety of options like Side top, Slide down, Fade out, Fade in, and so on. Give it a go today. 🙂

#7 All New Course Cards in Course Archive Page

The new design has default functionalities like Quick links to Enroll Students, Check Grader, Activity Report and Course Edit Button. Along with this get a banner that shows the course start date. What’s more, it displays the smart animation when you hover on the course card.

Screenshot 7 1

Wrapping Up

Were you aware of these features? Had you already been using them? What has your experience been like? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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