Monitor your Moodle™ LMS performance quick and easy

Edwiser Site Monitor keeps you updated with key performance metrics of your LMS for an optimized eLearning system

3 Edwiser Site monitor
3.9 – 3.11
Last Update
43 Months Ago

The Best Features of Edwiser Site Monitor

Don’t be in the dark when your site becomes slow

CPU Usage Monitoring
Monitor your CPU Usage constantly, and get email notifications every time the CPU usage enters the danger zone. Set threshold values of CPU usage as per your wish

Speed up your Moodle LMS processes

Memory Usage Monitoring
Keep a watch on memory usage with efficient memory usage tracking. With Edwiser Site Monitor, you can effectively run multiple applications and processes without creating unnecessary load on your system

Keep track of user status in real-time

User Status Tracking
Easily LIVE track the status of your users. Edwiser Site Monitor helps you keep constant track of the number of active, suspended, and deleted users. Also, it’s super-simple to stay updated with the number of users currently logged in to your LMS

Easily Access all plugins at one place

Plugin Overview
Never miss out on any plugins that need your attention. Now keep track of all your installed plugins and their pending updates, from Edwiser Site Monitor itself.

Update Moodle plugins with effortless ease

One-Click Plugin Update
Move towards a smarter plugin update experience. Update all your plugins, with a simple One-click download

Improve your LMS performance with additonal plugin suggestions

Recommended Plugins

Based on your LMS site performance and specific preferences, Edwiser Site Monitor offers smart and relevant plugin suggestions. The recommended Edwiser plugins are filtered on the basis of historical data have the potential to drastically improve your LMS

Monitor your Moodle even after you get off work

24-Hours Usage Monitoring
Edwiser Site Monitor lets you check the performance of your LMS while you are on the site, asleep or off-duty. You can also go back and analyze site performance on a specific date using a simple option

Get quick alerts about your Moodle LMS performance

Instant Email Notifications

Edwiser Site Monitor triggers site alarms and immediately notifies you via email in case your LMS site is experiencing any technical issues while functioning

Easily analyze LMS data with graphical reports

Graphical Interface for Point-In-Time Tracking

Effortlessly access real-time server usage data as well as a complete record of data collected for the last 7 days in a simple graphical format. The user-friendly interface helps with a thorough analysis of your LMS


Which Moodle software versions does Edwiser Site Monitor work on?

Edwiser Site Monitor works best with Moodle software versions 3.9 – 3.11(Latest Moodle version).

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