Power of WooCommerce for your Moodle Courses


 WooCommerce Integration for Edwiser Bridge

The WooCommerce Moodle Integration provides you with an option to sell courses synchronized by Edwiser Bridge using WooCommerce. Also, along with supporting subscription products the extension also provides an option to sell multiple courses as bundled products without the need of an additional extension. What are you waiting for? Supercharge your online LMS now!


Current Version 2.0.0


WordPress Version 4.4.2 up to 5.3.2

Edwiser Bridge Version 1.4.2

WooCommerce Version 2.5.5 up to 3.8

Woocommerce Membership 1.16.4

Woocommerce Subscription 3.0.0

Moodle Version 3.0.3 up to 3.8.2

PHP version 5.6 up to 7.3


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Sell Your Moodle Courses With Automated eCommerce Solution at $99

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Note: This plugin is an extension of Edwiser Bridge (WordPress Moodle Integration) which is available for free on wordpress.org. Edwiser Bridge needs to be activated on your website for the extension to work.

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Now compatible with Woocommerce Membership.

Now you can enroll students who purchase a course into Membership plan
And create a Members-Only Club or Loyality Program for your users


Sell Moodle Courses from WooCommerce

Need a shopping cart for your Moodle courses? Your search just got over! Use this WooCommerce Moodle Integration to sell Moodle courses from your WooCommerce store and utilize the array of features that come along wth WooCommerce.

Bundle Multiple Courses in a Single Product

Multiple courses can be associated with a single WooCommerce product using WooCommerce Integration. So not only do you get the WooCommerce Moodle Integration but you also get the bundled courses feature without the need of an additional extension.


Provide Courses as Subscriptions

The WooCommerce Integration for Edwiser Bridge supports Subscription products. So, if selling subscription courses is on your agenda then purchase, install and start using the extension right away!

Bas Rennings

I use the plugin to import the courses from Moodle into WooCommerce. Within the WooCommerce environment, I make use of the course as products to show them in the frontend. Importing courses work’s fine.

I had a few issues with the Single sign on but the support team assisted me fast and solved the issue.

Need the WooCommerce Moodle Integration for Your WordPress Website?


Sell Courses with WooCommerce

Now selling Moodle courses on WordPress has been made easy with the WooCommerce Moodle Integration for Edwiser Bridge. Install the add-on and start selling courses on WooCommerce

Create / Update Courses as Products

Courses Imported from Moodle can be created as products using the Synchronization Option for WooCommerce Products. Previously created products will be updated using the same option.

Sell Courses as Bundled Products

Now no need to buy a separate extension to fulfill the bundled courses requirement. The WooCommerce Moodle integration provides an option to bundle multiple courses and sell them as a product.

Sell Courses as Subscription

Want to sell Moodle courses as Subscription products? The WooCommerce Integration for Edwiser Bridge supports the WooCommerce Subscriptions  plugin which makes selling subscription courses possible.

Link Courses from Product Page

Apart from ‘WooCommerce Product synchronization Options‘ courses can be linked with products from the products page too. This can be done by adding a new product and selecting the course you want to link with that product

Unenrollment on Cancellation

Concerned about what happens if an order is cancelled or a refund has been made against an order? On cancellation or refund, the user get unenrolled from the courses in question following which access to the courses is also revoked.

Publish Synchronized Products

All courses synchronized as products can be published at once using the Synchronization Option for WooCommerce Products making the process an absolutely effortless one.

Ready for Translation to any Language

Need to display the WooCommerce Moodle Integration in a language of your choice? Include the necessary translation files to the plugin and you are good to go!

Hooks and Filters for Customization

Need to customize the add-on? Various hooks and filters have been included which make the add-on easily customizable and developer friendly.

Need Us to SET UP the Plugin?

We provide SETUP ASSISTANCE too! Get the WooCommerce Moodle Integration, and other Edwiser Bridge extensions like Single Sign On setup on your LMS hassle free!

Frequently Asked Questions

I am Interested in the WooCommerce Integration Extension

Which version of WordPress does the WooCommerce Integration extension work with?

WooCommerce Integration extension requires at least WordPress version 3.0.1 and has been tested up to version 4.4.

Which version of WooCommerce does the WooCommerce Integration extension work with?

WooCommerce Integration for Edwiser Bridge works with WooCommerce 2.3.0 or higher.

Are there any prerequisites for the installation of the extension?

WooCommerce Integration is an extension of the Edwiser Bridge plugin. Hence the Edwiser Bridge plugin will have to be installed on your website before you get started. You can download your free copy of Edwiser Bridge from wordpress.org. Apart from that you will also need WooCommerce installed on your website.

Can multiple courses be bundled into a single product?

Yes, multiple courses can be bundled into a single product without the need of installing an additional extension. You can select courses that you want to link with a product from the single product page at the back end.

Does the extension work with WooCommerce Subscription Products?

Yes, the extension supports WooCommerce Subscription products.

What happens if an order is cancelled or a refund is made against an order?

If an order is cancelled or refunded the student’s access to the enrolled course gets revoked.

Do you provide setup assistance?

Yes. You can take a look at our setup plans here.

Do you have a refund policy?

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions to know more about our refund policy.

Suggest some sites where I can understand the working of Edwiser Bridge and its extensions.

You could try these sites to experience the working of Edwiser Bridge and its extensions.

I have some license related questions

What is your license policy?

Every license you purchase, is valid for one year, during which you will receive free support and updates. After the license expires you will still be able to use the plugin, but will not receive support or updates. To continue receiving support and updates you will have to renew the license of the plugin.

How many sites is the license valid for?

The license for the WooCommerce Moodle Integration plugin is valid only for a single website.

If you want the plugin for more than one site then you could have a look at our multiple sites licensing.

The license is active on the staging site. I now want to activate it on my live site. What should I do?

Each license can be used only on a single website. If you are already using the the license on your staging site and want to now use it on your live site, go to Plugins –> WooCommerce Integration License and deactivate the plugin from your staging site. Now use the same license key on your live site.

My license key is not getting activated?

Sometimes the license key does not get activated because the ” curl_exec ” PHP file is not enabled in your WordPress site. So kindly enable this file and your license key will get activated.

I am Using the WooCommerce Integration Extension

Where can I find the WooCommerce Product Synchronization settings?

You will have to navigate to Edwiser Bridge -> Settings -> Synchronization to access the WooCommerce Product Synchronization settings.

Where can I view courses associated with a product?

Courses associated with a product can be viewed on the product page either in the front end or in the ‘Product Options’ metabox in the back end.

How long does the synchronization process take?

The synchronization process usually takes a few minutes. Try stopping and restarting the process if the process continues for a very long time. Contact our Edwisers if the issue persists and you are not able to synchronize your course and user data.

How can the 'Associated Courses’ on single product page be modified?

The template file ‘associated_courses_product_page.php’ can either be overridden in the ‘edwiserbridge/’ folder of your current theme or by using ‘eb_get_template’ & ‘eb_locate_template’ filters in a custom plugin.

How can the 'Associated Courses’ in email template be modified?

The template file ‘associated_courses_order_email.php’ can either be overridden in the ‘edwiserbridge/emails’ folder of your current theme or by using ‘eb_get_template’ & ‘eb_locate_template’ filters in a custom plugin.

I want to link courses with already existing products. Is it possible?

Yes, linking course with already existing courses is possible. You will have to follow the same process that is followed for new products that are associated with products. Looking for how to do it? Take a look at the “Associating Courses with Products from the WooCommerce Product Page” section here.

My users are not able to access their courses?

Please check if the course price is set as “Closed” in Edwiser Bridge > Courses > Edit Course.

For more details check the documentation

Ready to get a shopping cart for your Moodle LMS?


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jeison ferreira
(5/5) Posted 5 months ago
Perfect great support and excellent plugin
  • Rajiv SathianWisdmLabs
    Posted 5 months ago

    Glad to know that you liked the Edwiser Bridge-WooCommerce Integration extension.

    We will continue to provide you a superlative eCommerce platform for your Moodle courses.

    Rajiv Sathian

  • Gilson Rincón
    (5/5) Posted 1 year ago
    Excelent plugins and great service The integration works perfectly, I had some issues in my end and the support team helped me to get everything ready, thanks!!!
  • Adarsh SinghWisdmLabs
    Posted 1 year ago

    Hi Gilson!

    Thanks a lot for sharing your experience with us! It makes us happy to know that our support was timely and we could help you out with the issues!