Selective Synchronization

 Bring to WordPress only the courses that you need.


 Selective Synchronization for Edwiser Bridge

With this extension, you can PICK and CHOOSE the courses you want to synchronize from Moodle to WordPress.
And it’s as simple as clicking a button.


Current Version 1.1.0


WordPress Version 4.4.2 up to 5.0.0

Edwiser Bridge Version 1.3.3

Moodle Version 3.0.3 up to 3.6.1

PHP version 5.6 up to 7.2


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Note: This plugin is an extension of Edwiser Bridge (WordPress Moodle Integration) which is available for free on Edwiser Bridge needs to be activated on your website for the extension to work.


Synchronize Individual Courses

You can select your Moodle courses individually and choose to synchronize them to your Edwiser Bridge WordPress LMS.

Synchronize Courses by Category

Similar to synchronizing individual courses, you can filter courses based on course categories and synchronize all courses for a particular category at once.

Optionally Update Individual Courses

You can also selectively update previously synchronized courses and display the revised content on your Edwiser Bridge WordPress LMS website.

TAKE CONTROL of Courses Synchronized using Selective Synchronization for Edwiser Bridge

Frequently Asked Questions

I am Interested in the Selective Synchronization Extension

Which version of Moodle does the Selective Synchronization extension work with?

The Selective Synchronization extension works with Moodle version 2.9 and above.

Do you have a refund policy?

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions to know more about our refund policy.

Suggest some sites where I can understand the working of Edwiser Bridge and its extensions.

You could try these sites to experience the working of Edwiser Bridge and its extensions.

I have some license related questions

What is your license policy?

Every license you purchase is valid for one year, during which you will receive free support and updates. After the license expires you will still be able to use the plugin, but will not receive support or updates. To continue receiving support and updates, you will have to renew the license of the extension.

How many sites is the license valid for?

The license for the Selective Synchronization extension is valid only for a single website.

The license is active on the staging site. I now want to activate it on my live site. What should I do?

Each license can be used only on a single website. If you are already using the license on your staging site and want to now use it on your live site, go to Plugins –> Selective Synchronization License and deactivate the plugin from your staging site. Now use the same license key on your live site.

My License is not activating?

Sometimes the license key does not get activated because the ” curl_exec ” PHP file is not enabled in your WordPress. Once you have enabled this file your license key will be activated.

I am Using the Selective Synchronization Extension


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BRE Digital
Essential Plugin
As soon as you have more than about 30 moodle courses, you need this plugin. Really helps to manage the WP side of things
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  • Adarsh Singh
    Posted 264 days ago


    Glad that you could easily synchronize your Moodle courses, that too selectively, with Selective Synchronization! 😀

    Best Regards,