Bulk Purchase

Buy more than one Moodle Course at Once!

Bulk Purchase

Edwiser Bridge Bulk Purchase

This extension lets you buy more than one Moodle course and enroll your students or colleagues to it. Just select the total number of courses that you need, complete the payment through WooCommerce Integration.

It is as simple as that!


Current Version 2.0.1


WordPress Version 4.4.2 up to 5.0.0

Edwiser Bridge Version 1.3.3

WooCommerce Version 2.6.1 up to 3.5.3

Moodle Version 3.0.3 up to 3.6.1

PHP version 5.6 up to 7.2


*WooCommerce Integration extension is a prerequisite


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Sell Your Moodle Courses With Automated eCommerce Solution at $99

Note: This is an extension to Edwiser Bridge (WordPress Moodle Integration) which is available for free in WordPress.org. Edwiser Bridge and the WooCommerce Integration extension have to be activated on your site for this extension to work.

Bulk Course Purchase

Say goodbye to multiple course purchase woes! With this plugin, you can purchase multiple copies of a one or more Moodle courses through WooCommerce

Easy Enrollment of Multiple Students

Enroll students of your class or your co-workers to a purchased course on their behalf. LMS administrators, e-learning website owners, teachers, parents or corporate managers can use the CSV upload option to bulk register students at once!

Integrated with WooCommerce Extension Plugin!


Buy Multiple Copies of a Course

You can now buy multiple copies of a single course for your entire class of students in a single purchase

Enroll Others to a Course

You can now enroll yourself to the purchased course along with your friends, colleagues or students

Easy Enrollment

Your students details could be added on the ‘Enroll Students’ page for easy enrollment!

Integrated with WooCommerce

To bulk purchases courses with ease this plugin has been integrated with the WooCommerce Integration

Bulk Enroll Using CSV File

Enroll multiple students or users at once for a course using the CSV file upload option

Translation Ready

Now you can translate Bulk Purchase in your language.

The Bulk Purchase Plugin can be Perfect for your Corporate Training website with Edwiser Bridge!

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