Edwiser RemUI Pre-order FAQs

Is there any benefit to pre-ordering Edwiser RemUI?

Certainly! The theme can be pre-booked for on a exclusive price of $79 $69 which is at a 12% discount from the launch price!

Which Moodle versions will Edwiser RemUI be compatible with?

The theme will be compatible with Moodle versions 3.0 and 3.1

When will Edwiser RemUI be ready?

The theme launch is a week away! Once the theme’s ready and well tested, we will send you an email with the Edwiser RemUI download link.

What is your licensing and support policy?

  1. You will receive a support license for the pre-ordered theme (but will be inactive till theme launch).
  2. The license warrants support and updates for one year from the date of theme launch.
  3. After one year, your purchased license key will expire. Since the theme is sold as a subscription product, you will automatically be billed after one year. You can view the subscription terms here. A valid and active license key is required to continue receiving updates and support.
  4. If you do not choose to renew your license, you will still be able to use the product, but you will no longer receive updates or support.
  5. The theme license can be renewed for 70% of the current price* of the theme.

* Example: You purchased the Edwiser RemUI theme a year ago for $69; today the price is $79. The renewal rate will be 70% of $79.

What kind of support is included?

Our support includes basic bug fixes.

  • Issues which clearly indicate a discrepancy between the way the theme behaves on your site and as stated in the documentation will be treated as a bug
  • Compatibility with third-party plugins are not considered as bugs, as we cannot guarantee that our theme will work with all available Moodle plugins
  • Changes which request altering the behavior of the theme to add a new feature, or a new template, will be considered as a customization request

I haven't received my pre-order purchase receipt! What should I do?

Upon successfully pre-booking the product, you will be redirected to the ‘Payment Confirmation’ page.

If the ‘Payment Status’ says ‘Completed’, and you have still not received your ‘Purchase Receipt’ email, kindly check your spam folder in your mailbox.

If you have still not received your email, after 24 hrs of purchase, please contact us using the Support Form.

How do I contact you for support?

We’ll have a detailed documentation set up once the theme is ready. Just in case you need further assistance, in setting up the theme or have any other queries, feel free to mail us at [email protected].

Do you have a refund policy?

We do consider refund requests but only under certain conditions. Refunds will be provided only if all the following conditions are fully met:

  1. A refund will not be provided for pre-orders before the theme is launched.
  2. A refund will be provided if the theme does not work on your website and has issues, which we are unable to fix, even after support requests have been made.
  3. If the refund request’s is made within 30 days of the theme launch date.
  4. We all know that the Moodle plugin market is huge so we cannot guarantee our theme to be compatible with every third party plugin. Refunds will not be provided for incompatibility with third party plugins/themes.
  5. You need to have a valid reason, to not use the product. Edwiser works to create awesome products and we expect you to understand the product and the offerings before making a purchase. Edwiser holds complete rights to deny a refund request if we do not believe the reason to be valid.
  6. Refund will not be provided if the prerequisites for using the theme, are not met.
  7. Do note the theme is compatible and tested with Moodle versions 3.0 and 3.1. Refund will not be provided for incompatibility issues with older versions of Moodle.

If still in doubt, we request you to email us your queries at [email protected].com

Why am I being billed yearly?

The Edwiser RemUI theme is being sold as a subscription product.

A single site theme license warrants support and updates for one year from the date of theme launch. After one year, you are automatically billed for the license renewal. A valid and active license key is required to continue receiving updates and support.You are free to cancel your subscription at anytime.

To understand the subscription terms completely, kindly refer to this link.