Lifetime License

We’re thrilled that you’re considering purchasing a lifetime license* ūüôā . A lifetime license is¬†awesome and has loads of benefits!

#1 Pay Only ONCE

With a lifetime license, you pay only the first time you make a purchase. Once this payment is made, you are guaranteed to receive lifetime updates and support for FREE. With a regular license, you will need to renew your license every year, to receive updates and support.

#2 Unlimited Updates

Updates contain brand new features, plugin/theme improvements, bug fixes and more!! You’ll need the latest updates to make sure your plugin/theme works smoothly with the latest platform (WordPress, Moodle) its built on. With a lifetime license you won’t have to worry about receiving updates. You will receive every update we release for the plugin/theme.

#3 Unlimited Support

So here’s where we see the true value of lifetime licenses lies. It’s unlimited support for lifetime. We try to make sure our plugins/themes work smoothly in all possible scenarios. But there are bound to be minor hiccups. All of that, shouldn’t worry you.¬†You will get the needed support anytime!

#4 Protection from Price Hikes

If you’ve read our product Terms & Conditions in detail, you’ll know our product prices are subject to change. As we add¬†new features to the product, we might consider updating the prices to be in line with the value of the product. With a lifetime license however, you’re free of any price hike worries. You pay only once!

#5 No Renewal Fees EVER

Enough said! ūüėÄ

Already Have a Regular License?

Have you purchased a regular license and want to upgrade it to a lifetime one? We’ve got a deal for you! You can do so for¬†a discount. Contact us to know more.

*The Fine Print

  • A lifetime license is valid only for a single site, i.e it can be only be installed on a single Moodle installation.
  • A single lifetime license is valid for a single site¬†and cannot be used on multiple sites. If you need a lifetime license on multiple sites, you will have to purchase multiple lifetime licenses. To avail a bulk purchase discount. Talk to us!
  • A lifetime license is subject to regular license support terms and conditions
  • A lifetime license is valid for the lifetime of the product
  • We do not offer refunds for lifetime licenses
  • We reserve the right to change this policy without prior notice