Edwiser RemUI version 3.3 documentation

If you are using Moodle 3.2 then read this dedicated documentation page for Edwiser RemUI 3.2 version settings

If you are using Moodle version 3.3 kindly scroll down to continue reading.

Uploading Edwiser RemUI

You can download the theme from the link in your purchase receipt. Once you download Edwiser RemUI, follow the below steps to install the theme

If you are using Moodle version 3.0 or 3.1 then you should use Edwiser RemUI version 3.0.0 or 3.1.1 respectively.

For Moodle version 3.2 please download Edwiser RemUI version 3.2.2.

Read this dedicated documentation page for Edwiser RemUI 3.2 version settings

If you are using Moodle version 3.3 please download Edwiser RemUI version 3.3.2.

Once you download the Edwiser RemUI (as per the suitable Moodle version), follow the below steps to install the theme on your Moodle site:

  1. Login to your Moodle site as an admin and go to Administration → Site administration→ Plugins→ Install plugins.
  2. Upload the ZIP file. You could be prompted to add extra details (in the ‘Show more‘ section), if your plugin is not automatically detected.
  3. If your target directory is not writeable, you should see a warning message.
  4. Check the plugin validation report, to verify if the theme has been successfully installed.

Activating the Theme

Follow below given steps to change the theme on your Moodle site.

  1. Log in as admin and go to Administration Site administration Appearance Themes Theme Selector
  2. Click on ‘Clear theme caches‘ button
  3. Click on the ‘Select theme‘ button on the right of the current theme being
  4. Scroll down to find Edwiser RemUI
  5. Click the ‘Use theme’ button next to Edwiser RemUI
  6. Moodle should tell you that the theme has been set as the default theme
  7. Check your Moodle site by going to the Moodle site’s home page
  8. You may have to refresh your browser to see the changes
  9. Enable JavaScript Cache from the Moodle settings (Site Administration > Appearance > AJAX & JavaScript > Enable Cache JavaScript) so that all the JavaScript related to the theme works fine.

Activating the License

  1. To activate the license, go to Site Administration → Appearance → Themes → Edwiser RemUI → License Settings.
  2. Add your 16 digit license key (which you must have received in your purchase receipt) in the input box and hit the ‘Activate License‘ button.
  3. Once you activate a valid license, the site-wide license activation message will be disabled.

NOTE: Kindly make sure that the ” curl_exec ” PHP file is enabled in your Moodle server so that the license key gets activated without which you shall receive an “Invalid key” message.

Kindly make sure that ” Blogs ” are enabled in your site so that profile page is visible.

Enable Site Announcement

Now you can send out announcements for all your users about important things related to your campus.

  • Click on the ” Enable Site Announcement ” checkbox,
  • In the Announcement, editor add the text that you want your incoming users to read,
  • Choose the ” Announcement Type ” of your choice from 4 different styles for the announcement.

Just in case you want to go back to the previous dashboard you could do that by unchecking the

” Enable New Dashboard ” checkbox.

Courses Per Page

You can set the number of courses (4,8 or 12) that you want to display in the course archive page of your site.

General Settings of Edwiser RemUI


Set Site Logo

You can select one out of the two formats on offer,

  • Icon and Sitename – In this format you could upload icon as well as sitename and they will be correspondingly displayed.
    • You could choose icon from list of font awesome icons.
  • Logo Only – You can upload image of your choice from the given uploader.


Add a Favicon

You could upload any image of your choice as Favicon for your Moodle site.


Logo and Favicon settings in Edwiser RemUI


Set the Font

Font Type Selector

  • With this option you could use default fonts given in the theme for your site.
  • Or go for Google Fonts if you want additional fonts for your Moodle site.

Font Selector in Edwiser RemUI


Custom CSS

You can add custom CSS in this section but do note that the changes will be reflected through out the Moodle site.

Custom CSS block in Edwiser RemUI


Google Analytics Tracking ID

Add your Google Analytics tracking ID here in order to track its results.

Google Analytics Tracking ID in Edwiser RemUI

Enable Dictionary

Now you could detect the meaning of the word that you are typing in during your course creation on the go.

Simply enable Dictionary by enabling this setting and we will take care of rest of the things.

Follow this path to reach this setting Site Administration > Appearance > Themes > Edwiser RemUI > General Settings > Enable Dictionary Checkbox.


Course Description Image Setting

This setting helps you to upload images in the background of the single course page.

By default, this checkbox will be enabled and you simply have to upload images to the course summary and it will reflect the background of the first section.

Add Slider on the Frontpage


  1. Static Content
  2. Slider Content

Static Content

  • With Static Content you can select whether you want to add a video or an image as the header content.
  • To add a video, you will need to select Video URL as ‘Select Content type‘, and add the URL of the relevant video in the ‘iframe Embedded code’ custom box.
  • If you set ‘Select Content type‘ as Image, then you can upload an image to the ‘Upload Image‘ field. In the ‘Add Text‘ field you can add content which will displayed as an overlay on the image.

Slider Content

  • By selecting ‘Slider Content‘ you can add a slider on the header.
  • You can set the ‘Slide Interval‘ in milliseconds, ‘Set Slider Autoplay‘ to your preference, and the ‘No of slides‘.

Slider Settings in Edwiser RemUI

Customising the Homepage Content

The main body of the homepage or front-page displays the courses, has a four column layout to display information, and an about us section.

In the four column layout, each section has the same options, but you can customize it based on your preference.

Enable buttons on Section

You can enable or disable a button for the section using this option. A button is displayed after the icon and section description.

Body title for Section

You can add a title for the section here.

Body description for Section

In this custom box, you can add the description of the section, which will be displayed under the title.

Font Awesome icon for Section 

You can use the default icon or add a Font Awesome icon of your choice here.

Button Text section

For the button you add to this section, you can set the button label here.

URL link Section

Add a link for the button here.


About Us Settings

Enable About us section

By enabling or disabling this checkbox you can enable or disable the ‘About Us section.

About us Heading 

You can add a custom heading to the ‘About Us‘ section using this field.

About us text

You can add the description in this custom box which will be displayed below the title.

Frontpage about us image

You can add image to this section by uploading an image of your choice.

You can either enable only ” About Us ” or ” Testimonial Section ” or both in the front page.

If you are using the testimonial section then kindly follow the steps mentioned below.

Testimonial Count

You can set the number of testimonials that you want to show in the frontpage from this dropdown.

Testimonial Image

Upload image of the user in this uploader.

You can also add name, designation and the testimonial to be displayed in the landing page.

Social Media Settings

In this section, you just have to add links to your relevant social media account so that your users are redirected to those pages.

Social network icons will be displayed in the footer of your Moodle LMS.

Social Media settings in Edwiser RemUI


Personalizing the Footer

Footer Column Title

Here you can add a title to the footer section.

Custom HTML 

In this custom box, you can add text relevant to the column title.

Bottom Footer Settings

Text in Footer Bottom

In this custom box, you can add the text of the quick link you want to display to your users like “Copyright” etc.

Footer Link

Add a link to which you want your users to be redirected when they click on the quick link text.

Enable / Disable Login Pop-up

You can disable login pop-up in the site home by clicking on this checkbox.


Customizing the Login Page

Upload Background Image

You can upload a background image of your choice using this option.

Signup panel text color

Here you can select the text color of your choice which will be reflected on the Login/Signup panel.

Enable / Disable Social Login in the Pop-up

Follow these steps to enable social login on your Moodle site,

Go to Site Administration > Server > OAuth2 Services > Setup Service Providers

Click on any Service that you want to implement and you will be redirected to a page wherein you could implement the setup,

Click on the first link just in case you need detailed information about how to set up this service.

Color Customization

With RemUI 3.3, you no longer have to visit the Settings page to apply color customizations to your Moodle instance.

Step 1. Click on the message icon on the top right corner of the page; it will open the customizations tab.
Step 2. Under this tab, you can select several pre-defined colors.
Step 3. You can even choose the “Custom Color” option which pops open the Color Picker to choose your own custom color.
Step 4. Click the “Apply Sitewide” button to apply this color throughout your site.


To Hide Left Sidebar (When users are not logged into your Moodle site),

The Left sidebar of Edwiser RemUI can be hidden by adding this custom CSS in the theme,

.notloggedin.site-menubar-fold .site-menubar, #toggleMenubar
display: none;

To Hide Custom Menu from Guests,

Usually, site administrators do not want to showcase the menu on the Moodle site so if you too are in search for a solution to achieve it then look further than the custom CSS code given below,

body.notloggedin .site-navbar .navbar-toolbar:not(.navbar-toolbar-right) li.nav-item:not(#toggleFullscreen)

To remove Private Files link from left side navigation,

You could remove ” Private Files ” & other links from the left side navigation of Moodle using the below-given custom CSS code.

.site-menu li a[data-key=privatefiles]

Version 3.3.6 & 3.4.2
Fix – Course Archive page fix for non-logged in users
Fix – Instructions section for Login page not working
Fix – Send button for messages cropped.
Fix – PostgreSQL issue while installation.

Version 3.3.5 & 3.4.1
Feature – Dictionary Feature
Feature – Recent Courses Button in the header ( Speed Menu )
Feature – Go to top Button on every page
Feature – Google, Microsoft and Facebook Login buttons on login popup. RemUI enthusiast Mr Dirk Grunwald, University of Colorado
developed this feature and shared it with us.
Feature – My course and All courses (Course Archive) tab on the single page
Tweak – Upload image in course description summary and show the description on top
Tweak – Notification and Messaging Icons in the header has a new animation (It shakes whenever a new notification comes in)
Tweak – Show activity name as text or tooltip on Next and Previous activity button
Tweak – Course Description Improved
Tweak – Search Courses with Short Name also in the course archive.
Tweak – Homepage Slider refinements
Tweak – Font Awesome icons are supported throughout the theme.
Tweak – Navigation Improvements
Fix – “More” link in sidebar navigation takes to course archive
Fix – Search Field in forum overlaps long breadcrumbs
Fix – Interface of assignments submission table
Fix – Image size on Course enrollment page before enrollment
Fix – FAQ button 404 error
Fix – Search Box overlapping in Teacher specific dashboard block
Fix – Mssql RDBMS problem
Fix – The participation filter dropdown menu is shifted down
Fix – Overlapping text on the image does not work while using Static as the style for the HOMEPAGE SLIDER
Fix – Course Analytics Error on Dashboard
Fix – Unable to add a block on the profile page
Fix – Left navigation collapsed – Mycourses link issue
Fix – Formatting does not work for Course Description that is written in the Course summary input area.
Fix – In RemUI homepage settings the section which says ‘Body title for 1st Section’ is same for two different settings.
Fix – Action Dropdown background offset color issue
Fix – Side Bar, My courses and Site Administration links are not active when clicked
Fix – Lots of space is being used in the top header menu in mobile view.
Fix – Re-captcha on sign up page is not aligned properly
Fix – Any activity page right sidebar open – comes as an overlay – issue caused by next and previous button
Fix – Issue related to the Edwiser RemUI CSS that causes labels to not show up for a plugin ‘CodeRunner’
Fix – User can update their profile even if profile field is locked
Fix – Guest should not see the activities completion checkbox
Fix – Calendar manage Subscription Problem
Fix – Next and Previous activity problem with deleted activities

Version 3.4.0
Edwiser RemUI now compatible with Moodle version 3.4
Initial Release of Edwiser RemUI 3.4
Feature – New Teacher-Centered Dashboard with Course and Student Progress
Feature – Contact your students who are not attending lectures
Feature – Sorting Functionality on Course Archive Page
Feature – List and Grid view for Course Tiles on Course Archive Page
Feature – Create New course button on Course Archive Page

Version 3.3.4
Feature – New Teacher Dashboard for Users with Course and Student Progress
Feature – Sorting Functionality on Course Archive Page
Feature – List and Grid view for Course Tiles on Course Archive Page
Feature – Create New course button on Course Archive Page
Tweak – My courses Slider on Dashboard has a new view with course progress for an individual user
Tweak – General Section Description on Course Page and Topics Toggler
Tweak – General Section Activities Description
Tweak – Made course tile image clickable
Tweak – Left Navigation Menu My courses DropDown
Tweak – On category, Selection Put both category and subcategory
Fix – Level Up Plugin Problem with a margin
Fix – Homepage banner does not resize horizontally
Fix – Course page only holds 300 characters
Fix – Hide the private files menu from the sidebar
Fix – Users can update their first name and last name by putting simply space
Fix – Bug in the user profile. When the first name contains 2 words such as Jaures Inos Chapelle, it became JauresInos Chapelle.
Space is being ignored by RemUI.
Fix – Strings related to Student Graphs to be included in the theme
Fix – Instagram social link not working in the footer area
Fix – Slider not working properly in RTL mode
Fix – The order in which courses are listed on the front page does not respect the parameters set by the administrator in the category
Fix – Name stays as it is even if Name changed from profile

Version 3.3.3
Feature – New Student-friendly Dashboard for User with course stats and tasks to be completed
Feature – Course Analytics Block which displays the user performance in various courses.
Feature – Notification ticker displaying the latest announcement and notifications.
Feature – Ability to switch between different dashboard layout.
Tweak – Recent forum section now displays the replies count, latest replied and users recently active in the forum.
Tweak – Quiz layout is improved with new styled radio buttons and checkboxes.
Tweak – Improved the participation page layout.
Tweak – Courses on Course Archive Page is now displayed with the latest-oldest format.
Tweak – Category description and enrollment icons are now displayed on course archive.
Tweak – Revert sidebar open/close icons to the old version of RemUI.
Tweak – Display content related to subcategory when parent category is selected.
Fix – Quiz layout responsiveness issue in mobile view.
Fix – Auto scrolling of Frontpage slider not working in the mobile view.
Fix – Database Error with PostgreSQL and other databases.
Fix – Course creation link not working when a miscellaneous category is deleted.
Fix – Search in Course archive page with special characters
Fix – IE issues – right sidebar content not displaying properly.
Fix – Scorm Package sidebar not displaying properly.
Fix – Moodle User Tour issue on Edwiser RemUI – Z-Index Issue
Fix – Missing translation strings are included.

Version 3.3.2

Feature – My courses page with course status & progress.
Feature – Course resume button on my courses page.
Feature – Ability to add an image as background in marketing spots(frontpage).
Feature – News & updates section having RemUI update notifier and RemUI feedback form integrated.
Tweak – Activity navigation & flat navigation sidebar minor improvements.
Tweak – Forum activity layout improvements.
Tweak – Course title text wrap on the archive page.
Tweak – Revert sidebar open/close icons to the old version of Edwiser RemUI.
Tweak – Overall CSS size reduced by around 200 KB.
Fix – Table styling in various pages.
Fix – Edit profile tab issues in profile page.
Fix – Frontpage slider read more button not clickable.
Fix – Atto editor issues while selecting text color, styles.
Fix – Site navbar icons and logo placement.
Fix – Dropdowns width while editing on in block sidebar.

Version 3.3.1

Tweak   – Optimized custom dashboard blocks and available course block on the front page.
Feature – Sidebar open/close state save based on user preferences.
Fix – Fixed moodle forms on multiple pages.
Fix – Fixed Moodle modals.
Fix – Minor issues on course page while user editing is on.
Fix – Class not found issues on profile and frontpage.
Fix – JS & CSS fixes and optimization in whole codebase.
Fix – License auto deactivate issue.

Version 3.3

The base theme for Moodle 3.3

Version 3.1.2

Fix – IE issues fixed.
Fix – Minor JS issues fixed.

Version 3.2.2

Tweak – Initial RTL support added.
Tweak – Internet Explorer 11 support added.
Tweak – Removed unused CSS and JS code.
Tweak – My courses page link in the flat navigation sidebar.
Feature – Course activity navigation sidebar with progress tracking.
Feature – Course background image in course overview block and improved look & feel.
Fix – Drag & drop question text in quizzes.
Fix – Availability dialogs in certain settings pages.

Version 3.1.1

Tweak – Optimized custom dashboard blocks and available course block on the front page.
Tweak – Full support for child themes including theme files.
Tweak – Restructured footer from 3 column to 4 columns.
Tweak – Support for grid course format plugin.
Feature – Sidebar state save based on user preferences.
Feature – Added French translation.
Feature – Course page ‘expand all/collapse all’ buttons state save based on user preferences.
Fix – Fixed Moodle modals z-index issues.
Fix – Login, logout and registration page text styling fix.
Fix – Language string in profile and other pages.
Fix – Minor issues on course page while user editing is on.

Version 3.2.1
Tweak – Optimized custom dashboard blocks and available course block on the front page.
Tweak – Full support for child themes including theme files.
Tweak – Restructured footer from 3 column to 4 columns.
Tweak – Support for grid course format plugin.
Tweak – User preference page CSS tweaks.
Tweak – Message response text CSS tweaks on the message page.
Tweak – Site administration section CSS tweaks.
Feature – Sidebar open/close state save based on user preferences.
Feature – Flat navigation inspired by Boost theme, New Sidebar mini style with icon support.
Feature – Kept old sidebar (< Moodle 3.2) as an option.
Feature – Added French translation.
Feature – Course page ‘expand all/collapse all’ buttons state save based on user preferences.
Fix – Fixed Moodle modals z-index issues.
Fix – Login, logout and registration page text styling fix.
Fix – Language string in profile and other pages.
Fix – Minor issues on course page while user editing is on.

Version 3.2.0

Update – Edwiser RemUI now compatible with Moodle 3.2.
Tweak – Added Action menu of course, course categories, profile, assignment pages.
Tweak – Optimized theme JS & CSS.
Feature – Added Capability for admin to view the users enrolled Courses, Grades, and Notes.

Version 1.1
Tweak – Login popup in header bar (Configurable).
Tweak – Course progress bar is visible in the Course Overview block on Dashboard.
Tweak – Replaced “ Site News “ link from the profile drop-down with “ Preferences “
Tweak – Addition of Language selection menu in the site header
Tweak – Display selected category description on ‘Course archive page’.
Tweak – Optimized theme JS & CSS.
Tweak – Reduction in theme file size which will improve the load times.
Tweak – Logo image will auto adjust irrespective of image dimensions.
Fix – Minor CSS & JS fixes.
Fix – Added support for content filters. (Language & Multimedia filters in course content)
Fix – Added default placeholder image in case no image is set for homepage slider.
Fix – Expand/Collapse section in course page.
Fix – Distorted loading animation in dark sidebar blocks.
Fix – Maintenance page layout fixes
Feature – Google Analytics Integration
Feature – Dashboard sections can be set as open or closed per-user basis.
Feature – Category based course sorting.
Feature – Support for custom site color added color picker can be used to change the color of the site.
Feature – Revamped homepage layout.
Feature – Revamped login page layout (which blends properly with the overall theme).
Feature – Support for plugins like Marking Manager, Grade Me & Course Contacts.
Feature – Compatibility with custom course format plugins, for example Flexible Sections.
Feature – Added Initial Spanish translation

Version 1.0.2
Fix – CSS & JS fixes

Version 1.0.1
Fix – CSS & JS fixes
Feature – Checkbox to disable Edwiser RemUI dashboard widgets in the DashBoard settings.
Feature – Compatible with Moodle 3.1

Version 1.0.0
Initial Release.