Edwiser RemUI
 has pre-defined color schemes. But when it comes to tuning the colors to your branding needs, you might want a custom color scheme.

Note: The CSS Codes mentioned in this article are exclusively for version Edwiser RemUI 3.3.x and above until Edwiser RemUI 3.5.11, Edwiser RemUI 3.6.7 and Edwiser RemUI 3.7.4
For Newer version i.e Edwiser RemUI 3.7.5 and above the CSS are added at the end of this page.

For Moodle 3.9 and 3.10, we have Live customizer where you basically do not have to write custom CSS. Instead, you can directly customize it using the available customization settings.

Color Customization

Choosing the right color is essential when designing your website. Along with the page layout, the color creates a connect with the visitor.

Edwiser RemUI has 10 color schemes, you can pick from. Just click on the arrow ( < ) icon on the right of the page and it will open the customizations tab.

  • Pick a Color Scheme: You can pick from Blue, Blue-Light, Green, Green-Light, Red, Red-Light, Yellow, Yellow-Light, Purple and Purple-Light.

Color Selection Guide

If you’re starting out, and have no idea of the color scheme to pick, here are a few pointers to help you out:

  • Elementary school students prefer brighter colors – red, yellow; high school and university students prefer calmer colors to help them concentrate such as blue, green or purple
  • Blue is a calmer color that helps students concentrate and should be associated with science or math courses
  • Green blends the calm of blue and the creativity of yellow and works well with social science subjects and history
  • Yellow works great with creative studies such as lan