How can users upload files in forms on Moodle using Edwiser Forms?

File Uploads

For creating basic forms, all you need are fields like First Name, Last Name, Email Address etc.

However, for more complex purposes, you might need a lot more than just that. Let’s say you have a form on your website enrolling students for your course.

To avoid any counterfeit entries, you might want to verify the basic details with a government-issued ID Proof. For doing so, you would need your end users to upload a photo of their ID Card.

Now comes the important question. How do you do that using a form in Moodle?

Edwiser Forms takes care of that. With Edwiser Forms, your end users can upload files through the form.

The different file types supported include images, videos, hyperlinked text, to name a few.

This is particularly useful in forms where you’d need ID cards, documentation pictures, upload assignments and so on.

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