How to add a form as an activity in Moodle courses with Edwiser Forms?

Forms as an Activity

Moodle activities

Edwiser Forms plugin lets you add forms as an activity in your Moodle courses.

You might want to take feedback from your students upon course completion. This can be successfully achieved by adding a feedback form as an activity.

Edwiser Forms ensures you don’t have to worry anymore about creating complex feedback activities. Form activities are easy to create and even easier to add in courses, using Edwiser Forms.

With the “activity completion” criteria in the mix, you can choose to make it mandatory for your students to fill up the feedback form.

This feature of forms as an activity can be used in other scenarios as well.

Imagine your students are about to get done with their current semester. You might want to open admissions for the next semester, and might want to give preference to references.

With Edwiser Forms, you can create a referral form to take in contact details of people your students might want to refer.

Other scenarios include enquiring about future plans of students, testing knowledge levels of fresher students, etc.

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