Readymade Form Templates

There are multiple reasons for which you’d want to create forms. It could be for course feedback from your learners, or it could be a Contact Us form for your leads.

The form creation usually starts with a lot of brainstorming as to what purpose your form would serve. Creating the right form, for these varying purposes can end up being time-consuming.

10 different form types would mean 10 separate processes to create them from scratch.

Readymade Form Templates in Edwiser Forms helps you save your time. Form templates are basically formed layouts with a relevant set of fields. You can choose templates ranging from a simple Contact Form to something as complex as a User Enrollment Form.  

A form gets created with the corresponding form fields when you click on a Readymade template.

You can add more fields, remove existing ones, and even reposition the fields with the Drag & Drop Functionality.

Edwiser Forms comes with the following Pre-Made Form Templates:

✔️ Simple Contact Form

✔️ Course Enrollment Form

✔️ Simple Feedback Form

✔️ User Login Form

✔️ User Registration Form

✔️ Simple Subscription Form

✔️ Simple Support Form.  

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