Entry Management

Each time a form is filled, an “entry” is created. As you can imagine, on any popular website, if a form is filled multiple times, an equal number of entries is created. As the number increases, this data becomes difficult to manage.

Most Moodle Form plugins do not provide a solution to this problem. They simply email the data. And a lot of entries can clutter your inbox. Edwiser Forms overcomes this drawback with an effective Data Entry Management system. You can view all your leads and form entries in one place. This ensures you can study and analyze the data faster.

With Edwiser Forms, you get a separate table that contains data entries related to a particular form, that’s what Edwiser Forms provides you. This helps you store and manage all data effectively.

For example, let’s say you have a support form for a particular course. Your form entries for the course will help tell you how you can improve the course, or if a particular section is especially troublesome to students, or if the course is too exhaustive. If all this data was sent via email, you’d have to filter the entries per Moodle form manually. Edwiser Forms saves you the time and trouble from having to do that.

Edwiser Forms also comes with a scope to export form data too. You can select and export the data entries for further analysis or processing.  This data is exported in CSV format, which can be added to an excel sheet for further analysis.

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