Conditional Logic

The flow of a basic form is very simple.

You enter your name, then your email ID, your preferences, and then click on Submit.

This is where more complex forms don’t fit in. What if you’ve to decide the flow of your form based on inputs to a particular field?

For example, let’s say you sell a wide range of products and services. You’re looking to roll out support forms for your users.

Depending on the support query chosen in the initial drop-down menu, a relevant set of questions should be further displayed. If it’s regarding course purchase support, you might need them to enter the transaction ID. On the other hand, you might just need the contact details for general inquiry.

Now, here comes the important question: How?

Edwiser Forms comes integrated with Smart Conditional Logic.

You can decide the course your form takes. Show/hide sections and questions based on the user selections at specific points. This is particularly helpful in situations where your form can take different routes, based on the initial inputs.

Conditional Logic helps you include multiple possibilities of form flow, in a single form.

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