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What is eLucid?

eLucid is a state-of-the-art enterprise learning solution that’s above and beyond traditional LMSs. It’s got unique tools to boost employee participation, engagement, and information retention.

It’s built on top of Moodle, which means, it extends the base functionalities and adds one-of-a-kind features to meet corporate training needs.

“1 out of 3 employees say bad user experience is a barrier to learning

Put the focus back on learning engagement with eLucid!


What makes eLucid unique?

eLucid brings together conventional and superior tools to suit your enterprise learning needs and amplify training outcomes.

Blended Learning Paths

Focus on Engagement

Pitchprep for Sales Training

Interactive Content

Simple, user-friendly Interface

Integrations with Popular Platforms

Fiercely Scalable & Optimized

Completely Customizable

eLucid has Helped Leading Companies

Speed up Employee On-boarding

Reduce Training Costs & Complexities

Ensure Compliance Standards

Improve Retention Rates

Client Endorsements

"It is young and vibrant in its DNA. The young minds are receptive and they captured our challenges and translated them to solutions. We are amazed by the passion eLucid carries with simplicity. They rewrite the thought presented to them and convert it to digital space. Our experience with them is many folds. They changed the way we were and placed simplicity with royal touch to our LMS. They are the sparkling star in learning space who can change the benchmark of excellence."

- Tata Capital


"Truly a great LMS product with powerful authoring tools backed by a very energetic and responsive team. We had zeroed in on eLucid after a year-long search for a product that suits our needs. eLucid ticked all the right boxes and we are happy with our decision, one year later!"

- Media.Net


"eLucid's look & feel and flexibility to tweak base features attracted us. We have experienced an outstanding post-implementation relationship. Their products have helped in Scaling the Learning Delivery in our organization. Collaborating was the most favorite part of the experience. We are very happy with our association and would definitely recommend eLucid to many others."

- HDFC Mutual Funds




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