How to work around a major update for Edwiser Bridge and its extensions?

With version 1.1.0, Edwiser Bridge has undergone a major update. And while the functionality remains unaffected, we have completely refactored and refined the underlying code of Edwiser Bridge and its extensions.

We want to ensure that you smoothly transition from any previous version of Edwiser Bridge (or its extensions) to the latest version. In order to do so, please follow the below steps.

The plugins have to be updated in a specific order, to prevent any errors from occurring.

We recommend that you take a backup of your WordPress website before updating Edwiser Bridge or its extensions.

How to Update Edwiser Bridge

  1. You need to start by deactivating Edwiser Bridge and all the extensions you might have on your WordPress website.
  2. Next, start by updating only Edwiser Bridge. Do not update its extensions simultaneously.
  3. Once you have updated Edwiser Bridge, update the WooCommerce Integration extension (if installed).
  4. After WooCommerce Integration, update Single Sign On extension (if installed).
  5. Lastly update Selective Synchronization extension (if installed).

What Happens if I Do Not Update Edwiser Bridge or its Extensions?

If you have updated Edwiser Bridge and your extensions are active but not updated to the latest version you may face the below issues.

Scenario #1

The extensions will be deactivated at once.

Scenario #2

You may notice a “Plugin Activated” message but the plugin settings might not be visible, or you may get a “Fatal Error” message.


Follow the above-mentioned steps in order to resolve these issues.

If you update the extensions before updating Edwiser Bridge you may face the below issue.


You may notice a “Plugin Activated” message but the plugin settings might not be visible,or you may get a “Fatal Error” message.


Follow the above mentioned steps in order to resolve the issue.