Single Sign On installation on Moodle

  • The ‘’ file will have to be installed on the Moodle website.
  • To do so you will have to log in to the Moodle website and navigate to ‘Site Administration’ -> ‘Plugins’ -> ‘Install Plugins’.
  • Once here upload the ‘’ file using the ‘Choose a file’ button alongside the ‘Zip package’ field.
  • Choose the ‘Authentication method (auth)’ from the drop-down list provided against the ‘Plugin Type’ field. The ‘Rename the root directory’ field can be left blank.
  • Now click the ‘Install plugin from the ZIP file’ button.

NOTE: For the users who are upgrading the ‘’ file for the latest version of Single Sign-on (SSO v1.3.2) please upload the extracted version of ‘’ file in the ‘auth‘ folder of the Moodle directory using FTP ]

  • Important – Enable the Single Sign-On extension on Moodle by navigating to ‘Site Administration’ -> ‘Plugins‘ -> ‘Authentication’ -> ‘Manage Authentication’ and enable the Edwiser Bridge SSO plugin.
  • The last step in the installation process of Single Sign On is adding the “wdm_sso_verify_token” service in your external service. To do so, go to ‘Site Administration’ -> ‘Plugins‘ -> ‘Web Services‘ -> ‘External Services‘. Here, click on the “Functions” button beside the external service which was earlier created for Edwiser Bridge. Click on “Add Functions” and search and add the “wdm_sso_verify_token” service in this list.
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