Homepage Builder Setup

Edwiser RemUI Homepage builder

Edwiser RemUI will come with a Homepage Builder for the versions v3.7.x, v3.6.x, v3.5.x. The below documentation will guide you through the new Homepage builder which is introduced in the versions mentioned above:

1. Click on the ‘Site Home’ to access the Edwiser RemUI Homepage Builder. You are now set to explore the New Edwiser RemUI Homepage Builder.

2. After you go to the ‘Site Home’, you will find a ‘Pen icon’ in the right bottom corner. On clicking it, you will see the editing mode of the Homepage Builder.

3. After you enter the editing mode, the ‘+’ sign will help you to add sections in the Homepage. Sections like

  • Sliders Section
  • About Us Section
  • Contact Section
  • Features Section
  • Courses Section
  • Team Section
  • Testimonial Section
  • HTML Section
  • Separator Section

4. You can edit a specific section, move it up or down and even delete a section.

5. After you are done building the Homepage, you can preview the word you have done and even go back to editing if you feel like. Once you are done with everything, you can then publish the Homepage by clicking on the ‘Publish icon’.

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