Drag & Drop Documentation

Drag & Drop Documentation (Only for RemUI v3.4.x, v3.5.x, v3.6.x & v3.7.x)

In order to add any of the dedicated Edwiser RemUI block follow these steps,

  1. Click “Customize this page” button,
  2. Go to “Add a Block” button,
  3. Select “Edwiser RemUI Block” from the pop-up,

4. Open the right sidebar to find this “Edwiser RemUI Block”

5. Click on the “Gear Icon” and select “Configuring Edwiser Block”

  • Settings under “Where this Block Appears” section,
    Make sure that you set the Default Region as “Content”
  • Settings under “On this page” section,
    Make sure that you set the Region as “Content”

This will make sure that all the dedicated Edwiser RemUI blocks are set in the “Content Section” of Moodle dashboard.

To drag this block simply click on this “Drag” icon and place the block at the place of your choice in the dashboard,

Configuring Edwiser Block –

  • Go to RemUI settings -> Dashboard settings Tab. Here you can enable or disable RemUI specific block as per your choice.

You can choose any of these blocks to add in your Moodle Dashboard,

  • Course Progress,
  • Enrolled User Stats,
  • Quiz Attempts,
  • Course Analytics,
  • Latest Members,
  • Add Notes,
  • Recent Feedback,
  • Recent Forums,
  • Manage Courses,
  • To-Do List

Note: If you want to configure and reset the Dashboard for all user then navigate to Site Administration -> Appearance -> Default dashboard page. Once you have configured then you need to click on Reset dashboard for all users.

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