Color Customization for 3.9 and older versions.

Please note that these Color settings are migrated to Customizer. Please skip to the next page if you are using Edwiser RemUI v3.9.8, v3.10.1 and higher .

Color Customization

With Edwiser RemUI 3.3, you no longer have to visit the Settings page to apply color customizations to your Moodle instance.

Step 1. Click on the “Right Sidebar” icon, it will open the customization tab.

Step 2. Under this tab, you can select several pre-defined colors.

Step 3. You can even choose the “Custom Color” option which pops open the Color Picker to choose your own custom color.You can also add the HEX code here.

Step 4. Click the “Apply Sitewide” button to apply this color throughout your site.

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