Edwiser CourseCart: Moodle™ Payment Gateway Integration

Get a Ready-To-Use eCommerce Store With Our Moodle™ Payment Gateway Integration

Start accepting payments in Moodle™, selling course bundles, discounts, subscriptions, and more with a seamless Moodle™ Payment Gateway Solution

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Everything you need to build a Successful Moodle™ eCommerce Store - All in one place

Boost enrollment, increase revenue and become a magnet for anyone looking to upskill, reskill and thrive in their career with a seamless Payment Gateway solution for Moodle™

More Selling, Less Building - No Code Set Up

Kickstart your store effortlessly with our ready-to-use Moodle™ Payments options. No coding necessary – we provide the foundation; you add your touch by customizing it.

Hassle-free Integration with Moodle™

Sync all your student enrolment and course data with the Moodle™ eCommerce system, easily. Give learners a seamless experience with Single Sign-On.

Tailored Moodle™ Payment Gateway Integration For LMS Website

Equip your LMS with all the essential Moodle™ Payments methods. Sell courses individually or bundle them, offer multi-seat purchase options, discounts etc.

Why We're Building This Moodle™ Payment Gateway Integration

Ever tried to sell your Moodle courses before?
If you have, you know one thing for sure…

It’s FAAAR from being straightforward.

You can connect to a payment gateway. But all you get is a restrictive payment options in Moodle™
No offering discount codes, multi-seat purchase options, bundled course deals,
memberships or even tools to promote and market your courses.

You can use a CMS like WordPress to create an eCommerce Site. This lets you build all of the above features. But here’s the catch….

  • You’ve to put in endless hours getting acquainted with the new platform
  • Set it up and figure out how to make this platform work for your needs
  • Spend thousands of dollars on custom feature development 
  • Go through the hassle of migrating your all your data and ensuring the two platforms are in sync 

In other words, you get stuck in an endless loop of making the operation across both these platforms seamless.

The only other option? Letting go of Moodle™ and going on an LMS hunt..… yet again. 

With having served over 10k Moodle™ users over the years, this scenario didn’t sit well with us. 

We knew we had to come up with a better solution. 

And that’s how Edwiser CourseCart came to be – a Moodle™ payment option that not only seamlessly integrates with your Moodle LMS but also offers everything you expect from a versatile shopping cart experience.

Get a Ready-To-UseMoodle™ Payment Gateway Solution - Tailored for Sell Courses

Offer everything users now expect from a shopping cart experience with the versatile range of Moodle™ payment options 


Website For Selling Your Courses

Marketing-Ready Website Get a beautiful looking course website to promote and sell your online courses

Seamless Customer Experience From course discovery to course access, provide a top-notch experience to your users

SEO Friendly Web Pages Easily configure custom URLs, keywords and descriptions to improve your site ranking

Versatile Moodle™ Payment Methods

Online registrations and payments : Customers can make payments via credit card (Stripe), Moodle™ Payment Gateway PayPal or offline invoicing

Registration Form : Customize registration forms to automate your application and registration process. Collect all the info you need during checkout

Customer Portal : A dedicated space for learners to access their courses and manage their profiles, course purchases

Promotions and Discounts : Enable additional course sales with Upselling, Cross-selling, Offers, Coupons, and more


Multiple Payment Methods to Sell Moodle™

Sell Single Courses or Offer Course Bundles : Sell access to a single course or package your course in bundles or ‘Money Saver Value Packs’

Sell Multiple Course Seats : Allocate seats for courses and sell single or multiple seats to organizations or institutions, efficiently

Offer Course Subscriptions : Generate recurring revenue for your courses by enabling subscriptions and offering monthly or yearly installments

Sell Course Memberships : Improve course sales and build a loyal customer base for your courses with memberships

Seamless Moodle™ Payment Methods

Sync Courses : Courses details can be easily synced between your LMS and Moodle™ eCommerce

Automated Course Enrolment : Upon course purchase, automatically enroll users into your Moodle™ courses

Single Sign On : No need to log in twice. After purchase, learners seamlessly connect to the Moodle™ payment solution and access their courses through SSO


Experience the Best of Moodle™ Payment Gateways

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Why Moodlers Trust Us

We developed Edwiser Bridge, pioneering a solution to enable Moodle™ Payments Options by connecting the platform with WordPress.

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