Moodle’s flat format structure can often be restrictive. Surely, 6 course formats aren’t enough for all types of courses.
    There are plugins to add 2...3… or even 6 new formats. And you don’t have to stop there.

    What if you had a way to create any type of course format you need, without using multiple plugins or code?

    Here's a little sneak peek at what a possible Drag & Drop builder would look like... if this survey goes well:)
    Just follow the prompts on the slides below!

    Such a visual course builder allows you to:

  • Rapidly create courses without much effort

  • Build any type of course for any topic under the sun

  • Design complex quizzes quickly and easily

  • Cater to learners of all ages by devising the perfect course format for them

  • Save on the expense of working with a professional designer or coder

  • Build the perfect format for your course without coding knowledge

  • Edit existing formats by adding widgets like course progress, course duration, and more...


    Would you like to add anything else? Suggestion? Leave us your thoughts!




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