Legacy Plugin Migration

WooCommerce Moodle Integration to Edwiser Bridge Migration Plugin

This extension is for folks using the legacy plugin – WooCommerce Moodle Integration. This plugin seamlessly updates WooCommerce Moodle Integration data to Edwiser Bridge and WooCommerce Integration for Edwiser Bridge.

Note: You will need to download and activate Edwiser Bridge (available for free on wordpress.org) and WooCommerce Integration for Edwiser Bridge to use this extension.

How it Works

Courses Migration

The WooCommerce Moodle Integration to Edwiser Bridge Migration plugin updates courses and course category data synchronized from your Moodle website into Edwiser Bridge.

User Migration

Once the courses have been migrated, the WooCommerce Moodle Integration to Edwiser Bridge Migration plugin updates all user data from the WooCommerce Moodle Integration plugin to Edwiser Bridge.

Enrollment Data Migration

The process of migrating data from the WooCommerce Moodle Integration plugin to Edwiser Bridge is marked complete when the course enrollment data is updated to Edwiser Bridge.


Migration Plugin Installation Guide

  • Once you download the plugin, you can install it by heading over to the ‘Plugins’ menu from the dashboard.
  • Click on the ‘Add New’ button on this page.
  • Now click on the ‘Upload Plugin‘ button and upload the ‘wpmoodle-edwiser-migration.zip’ file.
  • Click on ‘Install Now’ button once you have located and uploaded the plugin.
  • On successful installation click the ‘Activate Plugin’ link to activate the plugin.
  • Alternatively, you can unzip and upload the migration plugin folder using the FTP application of your choice.

Important Note: Take a backup of your database before proceeding with the migration.

Migration Plugin User Guide

Install and Active Edwiser Bridge and WooCommerce Integration for Edwiser Bridge

  • Download and activate the Edwiser Bridge (The WordPress Moodle Integration plugin) from wordpress.org.
  • Once the plugin has been activated, go to ‘Edwiser Bridge‘ -> ‘Settings‘ -> ‘Connection Settings‘ in your admin panel.
  • Here, enter the ‘Moodle URL‘ and ‘Moodle Access Token‘. These values are the same as the ones you must have entered for the Legacy WooCommerce Moodle Integration plugin.
  • Now, to test if everything is set up correctly, click on the ‘Test Connection‘ button. If all’s well, you should see a success message displayed. If not, kindly check your connection settings, and try again.
  • Remember to click on ‘Save Changes‘ to save the changes made.
  • Next, install and activate the WooCommerce Integration extension for Edwiser Bridge. (As a WooCommerce Moodle Integration plugin owner, the WooCommerce Integration extension is available to you for free). No settings needed here. You can then proceed with migrating the data.

Proceed with Migrating the Data

  • Head over to ‘Edwiser Bridge‘ -> ‘Migrate WooCommerce Moodle Data‘ in your admin panel.
  • Click on the ‘Start Migration‘ button. The migration should happen seamlessly and a success message will be displayed once it’s complete.


  • Once you’ve successfully migrated the data, you can delete the migration plugin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to configure settings on Moodle?

Nope. Since you had configured Moodle when setting up the WooCommerce Moodle Integration plugin (legacy plugin), you do not need to configure any additional settings.

Do I need to purchase the WooCommerce Integration for Edwiser Bridge?

Absolutely not. If you have an active license for your purchased copy of the WooCommerce Moodle Integration (legacy) plugin, you can get the WooCommerce Integration for Edwiser Bridge plugin for free. We’ll be sending across an email with details on how you can get your copy of the plugin. If you do not hear from us, please feel free to mail us regarding the same.

Do I need the migration plugin once the data has been moved to Edwiser Bridge?

Once your done with the migration, you can delete the migration plugin from your WordPress website.

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